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The Worst Toxins at Home & What You Can Do to Get Rid of Them

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission at no cost to you. You can see my full disclosure HERE. However, I have purchased ALL of these products and the opinions are my own!

We expect that our homes are one of the safest places for our families to be, right? What if I told you that you may not be as safe as you thought? There can be toxins in our homes that cause cancers, birth defects, immune system damage and more! Shocked? Read on to see what you can do about it.

For years, I have tried to pay attention to what is safe for my family. And I’ve made the switch on a lot of products. It’s difficult to do all at once, but we have been working on things gradually. I recently did a search on the most harmful toxins within our homes. Here are the things I have found, and some possible solutions.

Pressed Wood Products

Yep, I’m talking the cheap furniture that you find in popular stores. This is not real wood, or it has a THIN layer of real wood on the outside. These are tempting to buy because you can’t always invest in quality furniture with the hefty price tag. or sometimes, the options just aren’t available! The glues used to put these items together are very dangerous though for your family.

Some options for buying this dangerously cheap furniture (see what I did there…?)? How about buying USED furniture? I LOVE to buy antiques. I have so many great storage pieces, as well as tables. And they haven’t cost me a fortune. Sometimes they are a little rough and may take a little elbow great BUT they are real wood! Also check online or at garage sales! Sometimes a family just may not have a need for a beautiful piece of furniture anymore, and may sell it to you at a fraction of the price!

Air Fresheners

Most people absolutely LOVE a scent when relaxing at home, and a candle is a great way to do that. There are also the quick versions of that, being room sprays. Either way, these items can be dangerous. Ever got a headache from a candle going too long? That’s because there are toxins in many of your candles. And if you read the room freshener container, you will likely see a host of toxic offenders listed.

So what can you do if you love a scent at home? Well, I wouldn’t rule out ALL candles. Many beeswax candles (check the labels!) are clean. There are several companies as well that have safe candles (and wicks!). You just have to look at the ingredients.

You can also use essential oils. I love putting essential oils in my diffusers. It’s a safe, clean smell that is good for you! (Make sure you have a good quality oil before you use it in your diffuser! I would recommend DoTerra or Young Living)

Cosmetic Phthalates

These are commonly found in hair sprays, shampoos, fragrances, and deodorants. These are the things that sit right on top of your skin all day long. They absorb into the skin. And can cause lots of issues with your body.

Here are a few things I do: First, I don’t use hairspray. I know, it’s a necessity for some hairstyles. But I got rid of those hairstyles long ago. I do curl my hair but I don’t use anything in it. And by the end of the day, yep, it’s lost most of the curl or style. BUT it’s fine by me. Shampoo- there are lots of safe companies out there. I flip back and forth on shampoos, but a great new one that I have just started trying is a bar shampoo by my friend at Clean Craft Soapworks. Again, check your labels and know what you are putting on your skin & scalp! I don’t use fragrances with BUT I do also use lotions with natural fragrances in them. That might be an option for some who like to have lingering scent. And deodorant… this is one of the worst as far as possibilities of cancer, especially breast cancer. I use THIS deodorant from Clean Craft Soapworks also and love it!

Cleaning Solutions

There are many household cleaners that are absolutely horrible for you and your family. And there are different components in each thing that can make them extremely toxic for you (and even your pets!). Check the labels… horribly toxic stuff in most!

So my solution is that I order from Grove Collaborative. I did a review of some Grove products HERE. All of their products, which include cleaning products but go way beyond, are natural or organic. I know whatever I decide to order from their site will be safe for us! If you’d like to check out Grove, go HERE. I look forward to each order…

Antibacterial Handsoap

So the common myth started many years ago is that you need to have antibacterial hand soap. So everyone, including myself, got on that train and bought it and used it on my kids. Ugh. Now, besides having studies out that say using soap and water is just as effective, there are also studies that show that you could actually being doing yourself more harm. Including creating resistant bacteria. Let’s just all agree that this stuff is bad, and we shouldn’t use it.

Again, I order soaps from Grove. And I also started recently buying bar soap from Clean Craft Soapworks. Either way, soap and water are hands down (see what I did there?) the best thing to do to clean your hands.

Plastics with BPA

I can’t even believe that we still have to check our plastics for this stuff. BPA or Bisphenol-A is nasty stuff. It can cause cancer, early puberty, hormone disruption and more. And the funny (not so funny) thing is, most of the BPA’s are found in children products- like bottle, sips cups, toys, and more. It’s sickening actually.

There are alternatives, because unfortunately we DO still have to be diligent in searching these things out. There are certain types of non breakable items that are made of a sort of plastic that does not contain BPA’s. Just a quick search Amazon brought up THESE CUTE sippy cups. I like that they are stainless steel BUT have a softer silicon top. So do a little searching and there are definitely lots of alternatives out there.

In Closing

In closing, if this is something that matters to you, do your homework! These things (and more!) are not only bad for your family, but also for the environment. Now, I am not a “tree hugger” but I am a family hugger, and I want to have my family as safe as I can have them be in our home. So I will continue to try to make everything that we use, be safe for us.

Thanks for stopping by today and Happy Earth Day everyone! Make sure you subscribe for more great content in the future! See you soon!

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