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Where to Shop and How to Save Money

Today on This Nest Living, we are discussing where to shop for clothing, food, and more, and how to save money while shopping!

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Welcome back to This Nest Living! I’m so glad to see you here today! Because today’s post is something I am pretty into, and that is saving money! I will be discussing where/how to shop for items such as clothing, food, etc. Also, discussing WAYS to save money while shopping at these locations!

This is by no means the ‘end all, be all’ list… whatever that means. But it is what I do, and what has worked for my family. I am a stay at home, work from home mom, but that doesn’t mean I have all of these extra HOURS of time to do all of this perfect planning in order to save money. So the ideas I am sharing today are ones that are good for moms. Especially a mom that doesn’t have a lot of time to spend in one place or another.

I hope this helps you out in some way!

Shopping for Clothing


This could include SO MUCH information but I will try to keep it pretty simple… because honestly, no one will care to read a novel to save some dolla dolla bills on some clothes…

So first of all, you all know from my post last week that I am into shopping slow fashion or ‘used clothing” which sounds so horrible. But actually it is AMAZING! I have bought so many used pieces, high dollar pieces, that make me look like I actually spend a lot of money on my clothes… *secret* I don’t spend much money at all on my clothes!

Some places you should check out IF you are patient and have an hour or so on your hands, are thrift stores. I would chose a thrift store that is in a neighborhood or area that is wealthier. This sounds bad, but the clothing donated to these places will be more high dollar items at thrift store prices. And higher dollar items tend to be items that are made well, and will last longer. Which is important when it comes to saving money!

When I visited a thrift store a few weeks ago, I found out they have a punch card. The card will give you additional money off after so many purchases or dollars purchased. Thrift stores also have special days that they give a certain percentage off, like senior citizen days, or one Saturday a months they give 50% off everything, etc.

And if you aren’t patient enough to visit a thrift store, the next best thing is somewhere like ThredUp. On ThredUp, you can add specifications like sizes, brands, etc that you would be looking for. This is so you don’t have to weed through ALL of the items they have on their site. ThredUp actually goes through all of the clothing they receive. You will not get something that is falling apart or stained. They just don’t sell that stuff! If you’d like to check out ThredUp, you can get $10 off going through THIS LINK.


If you are more of a new clothing person, one thing that helps me is going to the store’s website and signing up for their email list. This list will usually give you perks like dollars off, percentages off, free items, etc. The warning with this though is to only sign up for those laces you REALLY want discounts from because you will likely get emails from places almost daily.

So if you are committed enough for this, you can get great discounts like I recently did at Bath and Body Works. Somehow I am on their mailing list twice, but I get notified of sales and discounts via email, but every so often I get coupons in the mail. Recently I got 2 sets of 4 coupons. 2 were for now, 2 for later. I stopped by their store to get a candle which I knew was on sale and I had a free body product coupon and a 20% off any item coupon. I bought a 3 Wick Candle and a lotion for under $13. And my son got some men’s lotion and body spray (which was also on sale) for a little over $4!

The last but not least way I’d suggest in saving money on clothing is Ibotta. This is probably the easiest and least invasive. Ibotta is an app that you can use to save money on virtually anything you shop for in a store or online. Let’s say your kids want an Adidas backpack. You can go onto the Adidas site THROUGH your Ibotta app. On, you can earn 3% back on purchases made. Nike? You can get 5% back. Finishline? 5% back. Forever 21? 2% back. ASOS? 4% back! That’s just to name a few!

When you get the money back, you can get it via some rally great gift cards OR PayPal or Venmo.

If you’d like to check out Ibotta, go here!

Before I end our conversation on clothing, I want to add one thing to the saving money idea, and that is to keep a list of items you actually NEED. Not like “shirts” but like “white buttons up shirt to go with my grey slacks” or “camel colored light weight sweater”. This way you are reminded of what you actually need and the impulse buyer in you will at least have a “check” to ask “do you REALLY need this”? I usually keep my lists in the “NOTES” section of my phone, that way it is always with me!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission at no cost to you. You can see my full disclosure HERE. However, I have purchased ALL of these products and the opinions are my own!

Shopping for Food (Human and Pet)


Shopping for food… I’ve been working at ways to save money shopping for food of YEARS… I used to cut out coupons and organize them. I also BOUGHT coupons online! Which DID save me money!! But these days there are simpler ways of saving money on your groceries.

I save first of all by creating a list of what we will eat for the week (or 2 weeks), and by making a shopping list, making sure to by extra when there is a sale on items we use often. Food shopping 101.

But a little deeper, I use apps to help save money. I shop at Meijer ( a large retail store- food, clothing, electronics, home and garden). I use their MPerks app. On this app, I can “clip” online coupons and when I go to checkout, I put my info in the keypad and it instantly takes the “coupons” off of my order. Periodically I get a $12 of off $400, or similar. This total isn’t $400 in one trip, this is an accumulation of 30 days’ totals. Definitely sign up for rewards programs in your favorite stores as well!

I shop Aldi. Aldi is like the unicorn in the grocery shopping world. In Aldi, I fill my cart and unlike other stores it doesn’t get as expensive! I can fill my cart at Aldi and stay under $200. And by fill, I mean heaping, so much so that the cashier putting things back in my cart has to give me 2 carts to get out of the store! In any other grocery, you’d be hitting $500+ if you starting heaping over the sides…

And their organic/ gluten free section save me SO MUCH MONEY. If you have an Aldi need you, you definitely need to check it out. Things to note before you go: bring a quarter to use their carts (you will get this back when you return the cart). And bring your own bags (this is awesome that they are trying to help keep costs low and waste down as well).

Ibotta. Yep, here it is again. I have Ibotta linked to my CVS and Meijer accounts. That way I can go onto Ibotta, “clip” coupons there, and the money you earned back will show up within 24 hours! This is the primary way I earn my money back on Ibotta is grocery shopping… Don’t forget, you can check Ibotta out HERE.


And the last thing, you can’t forget your fur babies! A few months ago, I shopped on because I had a really good coupon. The second month, I wasn’t sure if I was actually saving any money. So in checking where I usually buy the food, I saved about $1 on the one and $8 on the other. AND these two 40-50 lbs of dog food is delivered to my door! It has been a no brainer!

In Closing

I hope one or more of the ideas I shared today, are something you can use for you and your family.

Thank you for stopping by today. As always, make sure you subscribe before you leave. That way you can catch more of the great content that we have coming up!

Have a GREAT week, and we will see you again on Wednesday!

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