Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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What’s in My Purse- Video!

Welcome back to This Nest Living, and today I am sharing a What’s in My Purse video! Check it out!

It’s summer, then it isn’t. Then it is, then it isn’t… That’s Indiana, I guess… But one thing that doesn’t change is that my purse ALWAYS gets messy. I mean I try so hard to keep up on it and keep it clean, but There are just too many irons in the fire and it’s nearly impossible!!! (Notice I said NEARLY!) But today, I am documenting this purse clean out by sharing this What’s in My Purse video!

I don’t know about you BUT I am a sucker for certain videos and one of them is a What’s in My Purse video…. I just, for some odd reason, like to see what other women carry around in their purses with them! And maybe some confirmation, that maybe I’m not as weird as I think I am?

Anyone else?

So, like I said, documenting a purse cleanup AND I am changing over to a different purse. I have a handful of purses and I like to switch them around… It makes me feel like I bought a new purse when clearly I didn’t.

I hope you enjoy this fun, little video. If you liked it, please LIKE! Please keep reading for all of the details from the video, and before you go, don’t forget to get entered into my giveaway! You only have until Sept. 21, 2019 to get entered! Go HERE to enter!

On to the video!

Some Deets From the Video:

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Glossier Makeup (10% off with this link, you can get the same link to share with your friends as well!)

Giveaway Post, Make sure to enter before it’s too late!

Thank you for watching today! You are the BEST!!! Have an amazing weekend! And we will see you again soon!!

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