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What is Beauty?

Welcome to This Nest Living! Today we are discussing “What is Beauty”… From society and from what we SHOULD be looking at as beauty.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! This is an important post in the fact that MOST reading this post are typically women, but men would benefit from this information as well. Especially if you have a wife, girlfriend, daughter, etc. We are defining “what is beauty”. Stick with us today as we explore what is beautiful about a person and how we should be viewing things.

By definition beauty is “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, and form that pleases the aesthetic (mind and emotion) senses, especially the sight.”

What is beauty?

So beauty, by definition mainly has to do with what is pleasing to our sight. And what do the eyes see when you first look at a person? Their looks. Are they beautiful? What color are their eyes? Hair? Are they smiling? What are they wearing? All surface things. All things that we hate to be judged by, BUT truly at first, from a distance, it is the only thing our senses can take in.

And it is important to note also, that when I look at a person, and someone else would look at that same person, we might, at first, list different things that we see about them. You might notice their makeup, where I might notice their t-shirt.

I am different than you, and noticing different things about a person isn’t their fault. It is in OUR character. Not the person whom we are looking at.

So why then do we need to judge a person according to the things that please OUR senses?

Application Time

While shopping for an outfit, if I go into a store and look around at clothes, there are some that will catch my eye. And there will also be some that I turn my nose up at. The ones that catch my eye, I pick up in my size to go and try on. The ones that I turned my nose up at, I leave alone and don’t think twice at.

I get into the dressing room, and try on these clothes, and none of them look good on me. I don’t like any of them on. (Has this ever happened to anyone else?) Then your sister, your husband, or the sales lady pulls one of the clothing items you DIDN’T like off the shelf for you to try. “I think you’ll like this”, they say. Reluctantly, you try it on. At least you can get a good laugh out of it.

You slip it on, and you pause. Wait. This actually isn’t too bad. I actually… *clears throat* like this…

You never would have known how great it looked on you, until you gave it a chance. Until you went beyond how it looked at first glance.

Same with humans.

Don’t Trust First Glances

First glances, or your initial perspective, can be deceiving. Just like our clothing, it can LOOK beautiful on a hanger, but when on, not so much! People can also look beautiful from a distance, then when you get up close, and talk to them a little bit, you might find that they just aren’t for you!

So, judging a book by it’s cover is natural. Our senses, mostly our sight, will take in the details of a person. And just like the clothing on a hanger, we will decide if it’s for us or not.

I want to point out again though to maybe not make such quick judgements about a person though. It’s natural, but keep those judgements in check. Just because she’s wearing dirty clothes doesn’t mean she’s not a great person. Maybe she just worked on clearing her garden. Or maybe she has a job that is very dirty. But she COULD be a really great, hard working person. You never know until you spend some time in conversation with her.

Back to Beauty

So going back to beauty… beauty these days, in our spoiled, self-centered lives usually stops at sight only. We are social media driven. We see something beautiful, we “like” it. We see something not as aesthetically pleasing, and we skip right over it. Or some may actually ridicule the person for how “ugly” they are or whatever.

An expensive camera, trendy clothes, pressed and perfect, and a great filter doesn’t make one person more beautiful than another. I know of many people that I’ve some across on social media who are pretty self-centered, mean people who LOOK beautiful in pictures. Then other people post pictures who aren’t as artsy with their photos, who are wonderful people.

The filter makes all the difference?

Recently, on Snapchat I took these pictures. Snapchat (and other filter programs) will try to make you look funny, cute, or more beautiful. I chose to look “more beautiful”, and this is what the filter did to me. The far left photo has very little filter on it. The middle filter slimmed my face down, and darkened some of my features. The third filter slimmed especially my chin, and applied “makeup”.

I’ve never thought of my face as fat, or my chin as being too wide. But to be beautiful in these filters, that is what that is telling people.

This filter actually took away one characteristic that I like about myself. My chin. Weird I know, but I have a flat chin when I smile. And it can be a little wider than most people’s. But I love it. It is a trait that I got from my dad, who got it from HIS dad. It reminds me of some of the people that I love the most. It means I am theirs. I belong to them. My family.

So, a “beautifying filter” says a person is most beautiful with a thin face, thin chin, and makeup. Are we going to take that? That will continue to be acceptable to us?

We are going to take away the features that make a person unique and special, in the name of “beauty”?

Make a Pact

I want each and every person who reads this post, to make a pact. Today through the rest of your lives, do not judge beauty by looks. Do not say a person is not beautiful because they don’t look a certain way. Put down the filters and get to know the person.

Decide that today on, YOU will start to be the change. YOU will make sure that people know they are beautiful, not only because they have makeup on or a pretty dress. But that they are beautiful for their uniqueness, for their individuality, for who they are!

I absolutely LOVE that companies are now using women of all shapes and sizes, colors and nationalities, even women who are different than the “norm”- those with vitiligo (a skin pigmentation disorder) or those with down syndrome.

Beauty should not be defined by celebrities and what major companies tell us is beautiful.

A beautiful woman can be known by her heart and mind. There have been women throughout my life, that I knew, that weren’t anything like a model but they were some the most beautiful women I knew. Their hearts and intelligence were incomparable.

In Closing

I hope I gave you some food for thought today. I talk about clothes, and doing my makeup each day, etc. But in the end, we need to be the most concerned with our hearts and minds. Who we ARE is WAY more beautiful than what we look like.

If you are on board, if you are ready to be the change, share this with someone who needs to read this today. Make sure to let me know by LIKING or commenting, that you are ready to work at changing your mindset. As well as those around you!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! You are amazing, and I appreciate you so much! Have an amazing rest of your week!

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9 thoughts on “What is Beauty?

  1. Great post! I tend not to think as anyone as what their appearances say they are. I look inside them and find more beauty in the person for themselves. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Great post! There is so much pressure to be beautiful these days. I guess there always has been but I believe it is worse than ever. Thank you for sharing the snapchat filters. I had no idea those existed!

  3. In my art theory class we had a what is beauty debate. Of course art is objectified differently than a person, but we had similar discussions with your points.
    I like what you said though about not letting celebrities/ media have influence.So many people rekey on what others think now. And have low self esteem for it.
    But all people are beautiful. All people are different. That’s beautiful!

  4. Jus loved ur post. We truly r so obsessed with the external beauty that we forget to appreciate people with much more beautiful traits. To be honest I too tried to learn to use these

  5. Hey jus loved ur post. We all r so obsessed with d external beauty that we tend to be judgemental based on it n not see a person as beautiful a person is by his or her traits. To be honest jus yesterday was trying to learn how to use the filters in Snapchat 😉. Must really not give in to d pressures n must not let it affect our self esteem.

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