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What I Wore Everyday for a Month

Join me today as I share one month’s worth of OOTD, Outfits of the Day. This was a great exercise that challenged me to try to wear something different than I did within the time I was taking daily pictures. And it worked! Stick around and check it out!

Yes, I did. I did it! I took pictures of myself for an entire month, each day! Well, except for 2… I have a good excuse. It wasn’t easy. Sometimes the picture was taken at night. I started getting ready fr bed a few times and realize that I hadn’t taken a picture yet so I had to get dressed AGAIN and take a picture. Ugh.

I’m not a selfie person, but I did appreciate this exercise. It truly made me think about clothes I normally throw on because it’s easy. And made me stretch myself a little to think about different VERSIONS of outfits that I could wear.

I don’t have an extensive closet, in fact I will insert a picture here:

I also work from home most of the time, only running errands each day. But I still like to get dressed each day.

So without further ado, here is what I wore!

Day 1

Saturday- Had a brunch with my extended family, then did some birthday shopping later in the day. This comfy sweater shirt was preowned and given to me by my sister.

Day 2

Sunday- Church in the AM, then my son’s birthday, out to eat.

Day 3

Monday- Substitute Teaching Day

Day 4

Tuesday- Work from Home

Day 5

Wednesday- Meeting, Work from Home & Youth Group

Day 6

Thursday- Work from Home & Grocery Store, Forgot to get a picture, so here I am with my groceries… lol

Day 7

Friday- Substitute Teaching (Fridays are jeans days), then my youngest had 6 of his friends over for a party & to stay the night

Day 8

Saturday- Work from Home

Day 9

Sunday- Church & Small Group at our home

Day 10

Monday- Spring Break! Work from Home

Day 11

Tuesday- Spring Break, Work from Home

Day 12

Wednesday- Spring Break, Grocery Day & Work from Home

Day 13

Thursday- Spring Break, Work from Home & Meeting (That evening I started to get sick)

Day 14

No Picture, The evening before, I started to run a temp, getting chills and feeling tingly all over… This day, Friday, I was down and OUT of it most of the day. I was pumping homeopathy and sleeping the sickness (cough and headache) off.

Day 15

Saturday- Started feeling a little more human, but eyes were watering, so no eye makeup. But did get some work in the second half of the day. This is one of MY T-shirt, click on the picture to go to Etsy.

Day 16

Sunday- Human again with a cough still but up and going! Went to church and had small group!

Day 17

Monday- Took this week off from subbing and devoted it to working from home, Meeting in the evening

Day 18

Tuesday- Work from home

Day 19

Wednesday- Work from home

Day 20

Thursday- Work from home & Sisterhood Meeting

Day 21

Friday- Work from Home & Husband home from a week away training

Day 22

Saturday- Work from Home

Day 23

Sunday- Church, Hang out inside watched movies the rest of that rainy day….

Day 24

Monday- Substitute Teaching

Day 25

Tuesday- Aldi Run & Painted rooms at a flip house that we have, then track meet

Day 26

Wednesday- Substitute Teaching, Meijer grocery run after, then Youth Group

Day 27

Thursday- Work from home

Day 28

Friday- Work from home

Day 29

No Picture, this day I painted at the flip house again and do not have a picture of me in my painting clothes…. because they are old and painted on…

Day 30

Sunday- Happy Easter! Church and dinner with family

Day 31

Monday- Work from Home

My Month of OOTD

Like I said earlier, I learned a lot from this experience. I learned some different combinations of clothes that can take my “basics” to the next level. Most of these pictures are taken early in the day, but later in the day I might grab a sweater or jacket. I also might add a necklace or do something more with my hair.

Overall, it was a great experience. Now that it’s starting to get into the warmer season though, I might have to push myself to do this again with my summer wardrobe!

How do you think you’d do with this? Do you think you could come up with several combinations for each clothing item?

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