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What I Wore During My Regular Week- Mom Life

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During a regular week, I work from home but I also have appointments, meetings, and errands to run. So today I am sharing 5 outfits to show you what I wore during a typical week of mom life.

So this first outfit is out of order of when I wore it, but that is really irrelevant… I was just excited to show you that this white t-shirt, which is actually a pack of 3 Calvin Kline v-neck t-shirts. I bought them from Amazon several weeks ago. But they are in the Amazon Prime deals that are going on right now! So check out these HERE. They are $18.57! For 3 really nice t-shirts! I love a great deal! So if you are an Amazon Prime member, I would check out the deals! If you aren’t, GO AND CHECK THEM OUT!!! You can get one month free Amazon Prime! My tortoise shell (acrylic) earrings are also from Amazon and I love them. You can find those HERE. And my shorts are from GAP.

This outfit is a super easy, basic outfit that looks like you tried. Which for me is essential because I honestly do not have time to spend an hour on picking out clothes and doing makeup.

This outfit I don’t have any links for but you probably have similar in your own closet that will work well. I took an oversized t-shirt (my favorites right now are obviously v-necks) and paired it with jean shorts. I usually add my Levi’s belt to make it look a little more polished. But that is it! Favorite tee, jean shorts, and finish it off with earrings, necklace, belt… anything that makes it look like you tried harder than you did.

The oversized t-shirts in the summer are REALLY nice (if you’ve never tried it) because it still gives you the coverage of a t-shirt but gives you more room to breathe and not be AS sweaty as you might be with a more fitted tee.

You will find a reoccurring theme with what I wear. Effortlessness. I don’t like to put a lot of effort into my clothing. Well, let me rephrase that. I put more effort into my clothes on the front end- meaning I think about my clothes before I purchase them to see if I can fit them into my wardrobe and they will be able to be worn easily with many things that I already own.

This out fit is another tee. Not over sized but more of a dressy t-shirt. It has a thin stripe through it and a little twist going on at the sleeve. It all looks much more put together than it really is… and jean shorts of course… my summer staple.

Again, a plain v-neck t-shirt (a little oversized) with jean shorts. No surprises here! I am also wearing my new Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry that I got from my FabFitFun box last month (watch my unboxing HERE). I get nothing from Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry if you click through that link, but I do think this necklace is beautiful. And I would definitely recommend! A necklace can add so much to an outfit, and this one definitely does!

And this last outside, again basic. This linen tank top I showed in my unboxing of my FabFit Fun box last month. The tank top I am wearing is from Everlane, and I LOVE it. I don’t know that I’ve owned anything linen, and least since I was a kid. And it’s not what I expected but it is beautiful! I is slightly see through but the breathability in this hot summer heat (that finally decided to show up) is perfect.

I did make a mistake and wore it the day we traveled. And it was only a mistake because my seatbelt rubbed in a certain area on the shirt and it created fuzzies that came off all over, and it’s probably not great for the shirt. Other than that, I totally recommend this! It washed all and has worn very well!

I am wearing this with some Wax jeans that I got on Amazon, my Jennifer Zeuner necklace, tortoise shell earrings, Levis belt, and a bracelet I got when we were in the Smoky Mountains. Again, less is more! Basic can look like effort!

In Closing

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed seeing what I wore in a week and got a few ideas on how simple putting basics together can be!

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