Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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What I Do as a Work from Home Mom

Are you working from home or want to see how other moms are able to? Stick with me, and I am sharing what I do, and how I work from home.

Since July of 2018, I have been a work from home mama! I decided to leave my secretary job (which I loved) to pursue a business of my own. I am an artsy gal, and I started teaching myself graphic design.


In September of 2018, I opened an Etsy shop, in which I mostly sold t-shirts that I designed. It is tough work, and I definitely don’t know everything (just scratching the surface actually). But I enjoy it. It keeps my mind going, and I love learning new things.

You can find my Etsy site HERE.

One of my favorite shirts from my Etsy shop… Avocado!

Amazon- Kindle Direct Publishing

And in just the last few days, I have started a new thing in addition to my Etsy site! I know most people, myself included, shop on Amazon. We love Prime. We love getting the items we desire in 2 days.

So I decided to take my drawing skills to paper. I have created journals! I am actually quite addicted to journals. I love to crack open a beautiful cover and write whatever my heart desires on the blank pages inside.

Well, I was so excited that I thought I’d share what I have done so far!

More is going to be added in the next few days, and I’m over the moon on how they turned out.

My Blank Journals on Amazon!

Here is a link for the ones I have so far:   My Journals

You CAN Do It!

And I do want to encourage you mamas (and daddies) out there. Just because you have kids in the house, doesn’t mean you can’t work at something you love. When you have little ones, you can still find time during naps, or in the evening after they go to bed. I had a blog for years when my kids were little (my youngest was just a few months old when I started). I mostly took pictures of our days, then wrote about them in the evenings when my husband got home, and at night after they went to bed.

I will probably hit on this subject more in the future, because it does take some juggling. And it can be overwhelming. But it IS possible!

Thanks for stopping by today, and I hope you have an amazing rest of your day!

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