Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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What Does This Work From Home Mom/Blogger DO All Day?

A pretty common question/concern with work from home moms and bloggers is what do you do all day? Today, I hope to show you what my life looks like on a typical day…

So, what do work from home mom/bloggers do all day? Today, you get to see what I do!

So, it is summer. And my life is a bit different now than it is during the school year. Many mornings are still interrupted by lifting or sport camps. But instead of a nice quiet house to work from each day, I do have anywhere from a low hum of activity to the sound of rhinos fighting. (I’m not sure what that sounds like exactly but I’m just guessing that would be a pretty loud noise?).

My Routine

Yep, routine. That’s how I work the best, keep myself motivated, and don’t just sit around and play game on my phone or YouTube all day.

I will typically set my alarm for 8am, so that if my body needs it, I can sleep in a bit. BUT I rarely sleep until them. I usually wake up around 7. Whether it be naturally, or by an incoming text or call, I usually never make it to my 8 am alarm.

I then get up and make my bed. Some mornings better than others. I go into the bathroom and wash my face, then I get my coffee.

My hubby usually has coffee made for me in the morning. So I just have to drag myself there and fill my cup.

I will then get dressed and do my makeup. This is part of me feeling like I am ready for the day. If I allow myself to sit in sweatpants or pj’s all day, I would not feel motivated to get much done that day. (This might not apply to you, but for me, this definitely happens!)

If you’d like to see my makeup video from Monday, you can check that out HERE. It typically takes ma around 11 minutes. Sometime a little more if I am actually going somewhere important. Or it could be less if I have a morning, like this morning and I have to run out of the house quicker.

Then, I grab MORE coffee (because WHO DOESN’T?) and a bowl of my current favorite Gluten Free Granola, from Aldi, with Almond Milk. Then I head to my “office area”.

First thing in the morning, I catch up on Instagram, emails, Facebook notifications, etc.

Then, I begin either working on a blog posts, working on one of my shops (Etsy or Amazon), or I also do some ministry work and grocery planning!

I feel like this last paragraph is so short for sharing a HUGE chunk of what I do in a day. But it is a HUGE CHUNK! A blog post can take anywhere from 2 hours or MORE depending on pictures, video, SEO Optimization, etc. And to create, digitize, and put any items up for sale in my shop can take several hours! So hopefully you can kind of “see” what it takes to put each post and each item I create for sale.

This typically takes me to lunch. And beyond. Most days I will grab my lunch then get back to work.

Here is a short video (time-lapse of about an hour) of me working on my blog, then working on my Etsy and Amazon shops.

Depending on the weather, I will either work until late afternoon or even into the evening (if it’s not nice out). My husband usually works until 5-6pm so I will typically stop around that time to get some supper made.

Then the rest of the evening is family time!

Would you like to see my typical day in video form? It’s just hard for me to video myself…lol But I can do it if this actually sounds interesting.

Hopefully you enjoyed seeing what this work from home mom/bloggers do all day.

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