Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Happy Sunday! Week In Review 3/31

This week was a pretty well rounded week, with posts about Raising your child to send them off, another 5 ways to wear one item, and a review of my latest Fab Fit Fun box. If you missed any of those, stick around, I will review them and give you a link! Then talk about next week!

So Monday I posted an emotional “Raising your Child to Send Them Off”. In this post I talked about how my husband and I have raised our boys, we raise them to be men! Just like with school, you don’t prepare them for doing addition all of their lives, you give them things that will challenge and make them grow. It actually made me tear up to write this post! Check it out HERE.

transitions wardrobe into spring

Wednesday’s post was 5 ways to wear one item, a white t-shirt! I kept everything the same- sneakers, jeans, and white tee. Then added items that could help transition these cooler evening temperatures to warmer daytime temps. All the while, keeping things pretty! All of these styles are perfect for the minimalist and/or the capsule wardrobe gal! You can find this post HERE.

Then Friday’s post was one of my FAVORITE things to receive, my Fab Fit Fun Subscription box! I know you’ve seen all of the celebrity’s and big time bloggers posts, but I’m just a regular gal, just like you. Check out what I got in my box, are they the same? Also, I figure up the value of everything inside. You can find this post HERE.

This next week is Spring Break, so I am going to be enjoying a week of no substitute teaching, and hopefully being able to knock a lot of work out in my Etsy and Amazon stores. I got them cleaned up about a week ago, this week I hope to add some new things!

Om the blog I also have more fun Spring things to talk about…

Seriously, I am so ready for warm weather. Here in Indiana it still gets a bit cooler but this week is supposed to be into the 50’s… I know some of you in the south are probably thinking that’s not very warm, and it really isn’t. But it’s warmer than what we’ve had, and I’ll take it. The grass is even starting to turn green around here!

We also have some projects going on around here. Check on my Instagram this week and you might see some pictures!

As always, I really do appreciate you stopping by! Have you “followed” my blog yet? Please do so you don’t miss any content! We will see you Monday, Wednesday and Friday! 🙂

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