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Vacation Packing in a Backpack Video
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Vacation Travel & Packing in a Backpack- Video!

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I am currently on a 5 day vacation with my oldest, who just graduated from high school. We decided to take a vacation to celebrate. If you didn’t see my post from Monday, check that out HERE. This is the video to help show you everything in my backpack, and showing you what I am wearing to the airport.

I’m not doing a video because I love doing them, but because it always adds a bit more credibility to what you say if you have proof to back it up. After I set up Mondays post, I thought it also might help to show a video.

I am also going to show you what I am wearing TO the airport, which I can also incorporate into my wardrobe for the week.

Check out this video!

The following are what I packed and/or what I am wearing to the airport:

  • 2 pairs sandals- one from Kohl’s (Kohl’s brand), and the other from RockDove found HERE.
  • 3 tank tops, various
  • socks and undies
  • pj’s from GAP (several years ago)
  • 3 T-shirts, 2 from Kohl’s, Tacos 4Ever from Etsy HERE.
  • 2 pairs jean shorts (Maurice’s and Kohl’s)
  • Black button down dress GAP (got off of clearance rack)
  • 1 bathing suit bottom
  • 2 bathing suit tops, black and white one is HERE.
  • Cosmetic bag from IKEA (no longer available)
  • Crossover purse by Amelie Galanti, available HERE
  • Black and white sneakers, available HERE

I hope you enjoyed this video! If you would like to see the fun things we have coming up, make sure you subscribe to the blog HERE!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Have an amazing day!

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