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Transitioning your Wardrobe From Winter to Spring

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Transitioning your closet and wardrobe from Winter to Spring can be very easy. You’ll want to make sure you make a deliberate transition because this helps keep clutter down in your closet and keeps you from being overwhelmed when choosing your outfits each day.

Winter Clothes

Before we talk about WHAT to keep, we will talk how to get your Winter items “Put Away”.

You can do this a number of ways. Even if your closet is huge and you have room to keep them in all year round, I would suggest to put them away in clothing bags or totes. Here are some storage bag ideas HERE for clothes you can fold and HERE for clothes you want to keep hanging. I would do this to help keep your clothes newer looking and clean during seasons that you aren’t using them. This keeps dust, wear, any critters that might like your clothes, away.

Sometimes I like too store mine with a dryer sheet, I think it helps it from starting to get a “storage smell” while you aren’t wearing it. Of course, I’ve never seen that other people suggest this, this is just what I like to do.

But most importantly in putting your clothes away is just getting that ‘clutter’ out of sight. When you walk into your closet, and you see hundreds of items of clothing, it can be overwhelming and hard to find clothes each day, thus making people basically wear the same things every day. But if you put those items away, the clutter isn’t there to stress you out each morning!

Spring Wardrobe

When it comes to my Spring (to Summer) Wardrobe, I actually keep several of my cooler weather tops and bottoms in rotation. Just not all of them. If I keep a sweater, I make sure that it can easily be paired with shorts or skirt. This is usually a LIGHT sweater.

I also make sure that any top, that I used in the winter and are now using in the spring, is one that can easily be removed when the weather warms up. This would be a jacket, sweater, blazer, etc. If you have a big sweater on and you try to pull it over your head, there goes the hair that you worked on for 40 minutes.

So get rid of the bulky, keep the light and easy to remove (from your body).

Here are some examples:

ways to wear a blazer mom life
This blazer is warm enough for a cooler morning or evening but can easily be removed.
This cardigan is easily removed to show a graphic tee.


For the transition to warmer weather, make sure that when you leave for the day you dress for the cooler parts of the day. AND the warmer parts. Meaning that layering your clothes is a must.

When I was working in an office, I would wear my long pants, Capri, or chinos, and pair that with a short sleeve top. Then top it with a nice cardigan, jacket or blazer. That way, when I left the office, I wasn’t sweating my brains out in the car ride home or to my next destination.

Here are a few examples:

Pants Trick

So since I am now a stay at home/ work from home mom, I use my pants trick now more than ever. Prepare for your mind to be blown…. just kidding, it won’t be blown, but you may like to use this trick yourself at some point…

I’m a jeans wearer. I love jeans. But wearing jeans can look a little too cool weather. So to make jeans multi functioning, I will roll them up to resemble capris. Yep, nothing earth shattering but boy does this help make my wardrobe stretch a little further!

So say I go somewhere early in the day with my jeans, short sleeved dress shirt and jacket. In the afternoon, as I travel around, I start to get warm. I can then shed the jacket, and roll up the bottoms of my jeans once or twice, and I have some cute capris!

Here is an example:

Seriously a mom lifesaver for me.

Mom Fashion

As a mom, I know sometimes it’s hard to worry about what you are wearing. But in the Spring, layering for cool and warm weather can be easy when you get into the practice of it.

You don’t have to carry extra clothes for you AND the kiddos, because you already have everything that you need ON you already!

And maintaining a capsule wardrobe, one that is intertwining and multifunctional is a mom’s best friend. You can find ideas for a capsule wardrobe on my Pinterest page HERE, or some of my other posts HERE and HERE and HERE.

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