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Top 5 Places I’d Love to Visit- Get to Know Me

Today on This Nest Living, I am sharing a bit more so you can get to know me. And today I am sharing the top 5 places I’d love to visit. Hope you enjoy!

Welcome back, friends! In today’s post, I am sharing the top 5 places I’d love to visit… This is a chance for you to get to know me a little better. Because if you take the time to read any blog posts, it is always good to know who is writing them!

So I am sharing places I’d love to visit and why… this isn’t an extensive list, and at the time I am typing this sentence I have places in mind, but not sure what my top 5 will be until it runs out of my finger tips onto this post! Here we go!!!

Top 5 Places I’d Love to Visit
  1. Hawaii– This is a funny one because I’m in the US, why don’t I just go? Well, it’s long plane ride from Indiana to Hawaii (not as long as some of the other place that will also be on this list…), AND it costs a lot to go! I’d love to go because my dream life would be to live on a warm, sunny beach. If I had a choice of a home anywhere, even though I’ve never been to Hawaii, I’d gamble on making that happen. 🙂

2. England– And not necessarily London, but one of the quaint villages in the beautiful English countryside. I am not a big city person, at least not more than a few days. But I’d be all about the beautiful countryside. Plus, I love the accents and I think I’d also love the tea! 🙂

3. France– Also, not the larger areas like Paris, though I might just like to sneak a peak at the trendier areas and cafés. I also do love the classic fashion that tends to come from French women. But my dream place would be the countrysides and smaller villages. I have seen enough to know that I would absolutely LOVE to visit (and maybe LIVE) in one of their smaller villages. Just seems like a dream!

4. Australia– I don’t know why, but Australia has just always been on my list… not sure if it is the unique lingo and accents, or the beautiful scenery. Maybe even the beach life, or maybe the country life? But I’d love to visit there some day!

5. Seychelles– Ever since I was watching a House Hunters show YEARS ago, I have wanted to visit, if not LIVE on Seychelles… It’s beautiful. And I remember seeing the house the people picked on the show, how simple and unimpressive it was BUT the impressive thing was the nature all around them. It is absolutely beautiful!

Where would YOU go?

If you could go anywhere on a vacation or even to live, where would you go? Please share in the comments! If you live somewhere that I mentioned, please let me know!!! Also let em know WHAT I should see if I am so blessed to be able to visit there one day.

Thanks for visiting todays I shared the top 5 places I’d love to visit, as a way to get to know me better! Please make sure you check out the related links below!

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See you next time!


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  1. You totally left out California’s central coast. Park yourself in San Luis Obispo and then spend a week exploring 25 miles in either direction in little towns like Pismo Beach, Avila Beach, Los Osos (and Montaña de Oro State Park), Morro Bay, Cayucos, Cambria, and San Simeon. And don’t forget to see the elephant seals at Piedras Blancas!

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