Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Today is National PINK DAY!

If you asked me 5 years ago what my favorite color was, I’d probably have several, but pink was not one of them. Now? Pink is the top. Pink because of the softness of the color, but somewhat because no one else in my home can confuse pink with being theirs. Living with 5 men, pink is a pretty safe color for me to adopt as my own.

I wear pink, but when you think about decorating with pink, you may think of a little girl’s room or a hip single 20-something’s apartment. But it really isn’t! I found some beautiful ideas for our homes that my boys wouldn’t even mind! And since today is National Pink Day (no, for real, it is!), I thought I’d share some of what I found.

This mirrored table from Home Goods is just the right amount of girly and elegant. The details make it that much more unique and darling!  (Sponsored pin)
Love the soft pink accents in this light gray and white room. Side note- I also love all of the texture in this room!
Oh how lovely are these as decorations for Feathering the nest baby shower
Just a delicate touch, adding soft pink roses to some old turquoise jars… beautiful!
Decorating with Rose Quartz - Style Your Senses love the muted tranquil color palette and clean lines
I love how the pink in this room is so subtle, and adds a softness to the gray and white.


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With several shades of gray, the few pink things in this picture add a pretty, feminine accent.

On Motherhood & Making a Home - Wit & Delight
Love a light colored bathroom, especially when natural sunlight can come and play in it. But when you add a vintage pink “cabinet” to the mix, your eye is drawn to how beautiful and tranquil this space is!
Desk Tour Summer 2016
Again a light, bright space, but this is made to look more feminine with pink accents… Love, love, love!

Hope you enjoyed this post, celebrating a little known “National Holiday”. I thought this would be fun, and it was for me!

Do you decorate with pink? Do these pictures inspire you to try? If you liked this post, please comment and/ or like it! It helps me to know I’m doing things right!

You can find links for these pictures and more on my Pinterest Page HERE.

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