Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Tips on How I Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Today I wanted to share tips on how I maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not because I want anyone to feel badly about how they may be living but to encourage anyone who also wants to try to be a bit healthier.

Since my kids were very young, I have tried to encourage healthy eating in our home. My kids did pretty well with it because that was pretty much what they knew from the beginning. My husband struggled more with it in the beginning.

Now, years later, my kids are overall healthy eaters, but old enough to choose junk food as well. They are aware of their need for water and veggies and eating healthy each day, but will also go for a bowl of ice cream or a handful of cookies.

I’m ok with that.

Why? Because you take away a treat, you can crave that more than anything.

How do I keep away from some foods?

How do I find time to exercise?

When do I find time to do everything?

Here are some tips on how I maintain a healthy lifestyle

First, like I mentioned, I do not deny myself a treat. If I deny myself that chocolate, or that gluten free cookie, then I’d crave it so much, I might overcompensate and eat 5 of them.

I make choices. We all make choices. I sometimes deny myself a treat but then keep myself busy, with a promise that I will grab something a little later.

Sometimes I make that treat frozen fruit instead of something less healthy. If frozen fruit doesn’t sound like enough, I might add a dollop of whipped topping.

Second, I make sure our food choices are healthy. I make sure there are plenty of healthy options available. I get my favorite healthy food, as well as my family’s. My husband loves those small sweet peppers. I love frozen fruit. My kids love apples. I make sure I keep all of the top favorite items around so we don’t reach for some other things.

We do actually have unhealthy choices in our house. And I don’t find it to be an issue. My family and I all know it’s there but know what makes us feel good, so we chose the good instead of the bad. Unless we need a sugary snack.

We have taught our kids about these choices, and they all choose pretty wisely most of the time.

I have raised them with knowing what all of those treats taste like, and how to make a choice. But then when they are in their teen years, I have allowed them to mostly make food choices for themselves (except for our meals, because everyone eats what I fix). If I denied them any foods, they could gorge themselves on these treats when they go out with grandma or when they go out with friends. And I think that raising them and teaching them to make good choices will serve them better in the future.

Third, we incorporate exercise into our lives. It is difficult during the winter months, because we live in Indiana, and outside exercise is nearly impossible. Walking or running requires the desire to run through rain and ice, and sometimes snow.

Our local high school has a track though that is available to the public during several hours of the day. This also includes several weight rooms as well. So during the cold of the winter and the heat of the summer, we take advantage of this FREE facility!

I like to go and “speed walk”. My boys like to go and lift weights as well as run on the track.

On nice days, from around April through October, we will also go walking as a family on some of the trails that are within driving distance to our home. When you are walking and talking with your family (or a friend!), time goes quickly and you got in some exercise without really trying!

In closing

You don’t have to do exactly what I do or exactly what someone else does. I am no fitness guru. As long as you are trying to make some healthy changes in your life, I applaud you! I want to remind you that if you make any DRASTIC changes in your activity and your food, you may want to talk with a doctor first, just to make sure you aren’t causing more harm than good on your body.

Our healthy lifestyle is truly that… a lifestyle. I don’t feel like we are on diets. It doesn’t seem like we are suffering in any way. It’s just how we live!

How do you incorporate healthy things into YOUR life? Please share!

Thanks for stopping by today!


Healthy Living: our Food Journey

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