Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Mom Style Shopping Tips & Tricks

Thrifting Trip- Come with Me!

Today I am sharing a recent Thrifting trip that I took, just seeing what they had at a local Goodwill. So come with me and see what I found!

Can you tell that I absolutely LOVE going thrift shopping? I seriously dream about it… Did I just admit too much? lol I just love the great deals, and the outfits that I have been able to come up with. So, in this thrifting trip I hope you stick around and come thrifting with me!

Let’s Go!

So with a bit of patience, and some time to kill, you can find amazing pieces that you might be looking to fill in your wardrobe.

First, I would go with a list of items you want to add to your closet. That way you don’t need to spend countless hours in a thrift shop (unless you really want to). Then look through the size above and below your size. So I am typically a small/medium, so I check out small all the way up to large, and I find items in all of these areas! I even look in men’s clothes! I recently found my Levi’s jeans in the men’s section!!

Then, make sure you wash your clothing. This came from another person’s home, and they weren’t necessarily washed before they were donated. So unless you absolutely do not mind wearing a strangers clothing without it being washed, I would wash anything you buy, just to be sure you get rid of any smells and dirty kleenexes….

Thanks again for stopping by!!! You are my people!!! I hope you have an absolutely amazing weekend (it’s starting to look Fall-ish in northern Indiana!!). Make sure you like this post before you leave if you liked it, it definitely shows me what all of you are wanting to see more of!

Have a great one, friends!!

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