Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Happy Sunday- Week in Review 3/24

Happy Sunday everyone! This is a busy week in our house, as we have 3 birthdays in our home, plus 2 other birthdays (our mothers) and one anniversary (my parents) during this week. But it really is one of the most blessed times of year, as I get to celebrate some of my favorite people on this earth.

If you haven’t already checked out the blog posts from this week, check them out! And by the way, I am so glad you stopped by. It really is a blessing to have you here!

This weeks posts:

On Monday was Spring Cleaning My Wardrobe Closet. Ever now and then, I do weed through my clothes, getting rid of things that I just don’t wear and donating them or giving them to someone I know. Check out the post as I took pictures along the way… And as I suspected, my husband was pretty jealous and now wants to clean out his side. If you are a minimalist, or want to try the capsule wardrobe thing, now is the time! Check my post out HERE.

Wednesday was a fun day also because I shared Spring Makeover- Getting Your House Ready For Spring. On this day, since I had already put away all of my winter decor and did a spring clean (check out that video HERE), then I was TOTALLY in the Spring mood and wanted to decorate for it. Check out the post HERE to see how I decorated, and the things I am getting for the rest of the house.

Then on Friday, I showed you how I buy Pre-owned clothing. No, it doesn’t have to be ‘thrift store looking’. The clothes I get are actually much nicer that what I can afford new! Check out this post Finding Value in Pre-Owned Clothing HERE. I also show you somethings I have in my closet!

If you haven’t followed This Nest Living already, make sure you do that! This last week, I planned out the full next month worth of posts. And I’m super excited to bring them to you! You can also make sure you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and/or Pinterest! I post almost daily there!

I want to again thank you all for stopping by. It makes my day to see your likes, shares and comments! I hope you have an awesome week, and we will see you again tomorrow!!

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