Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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Take a Break and RECHARGE

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Take a Break and Recharge Mama!

I recently took a break from “normal life” and it was totally enough to recharge. What would it look like for you to recharge?

Last weekend, I went on a working retreat with some ladies from my church. And we worked! Hard! But not the entire time. We drove under 2 hours to get to a beautiful vacation spot in South Haven, Michigan. We rented a house.

When we weren’t working (usually around dinner time), we were walking the downtown area exploring shops. We’d come back and visit, some watched a movie, 2 nights we actually came back and worked some more.

But just getting away from my “work” at home (I have a business I started and I work from home) was enough to recharge me.

What would it look like for you to take a break and recharge?

For all of us, it can be different. For some, it could be a bubble bath and a good book. Maybe shopping therapy is in order? Or maybe it is a small get-a-way with your spouse or some friends.

Whatever it looks like for you, we as mommas, need to make sure we take that time every now and then to recharge.

It’s important!

Here are a list of ideas for you, if you have no idea how you would even begin to recharge:

  • Read a good book in peace and quiet (this can be after you put the kids to bed, early in the morning, or even during nap time.) You could even fix a coffee or tea for yourself, and light a candle!
  • Take a bubble bath! During this time, you could also read, listen to music, or a favorite podcast.
  • Go on a walk with your husband. It’s always good to take time to reconnect and communicate with your hubby. A walk is a good way to get that done. You could even take your kiddos with you if they are too small to stay by themselves.
  • Go for a drive. Sometimes the peace a quiet of a car ride can help me clear my head. Sometimes I need to crank up some energizing music.
  • Get rid of the kids for a night. Ask grandma or aunt, or trusted friend to watch your kids overnight. It used to amaze me what a good, solid night of sleep would do for my mental health.
  • Go on a date. My dates are usually pretty boring compared to what they used to look like in my younger days, but a trip to Menard’s with my husband is just what I need sometimes. Other times, a coffee date with my sister or a friend is wonderful.
  • Journal time. Sometimes just 15 minutes to write in my journal is so nice. A time to recall prayers or activities, or goals. I often use my own journals HERE. I love a pretty book and nice pages. They just make me happy.
  • And if all else fails, just try to take a shower in peace. Lock the door to the bathroom. Obviously make sure there is someone to watch little ones, if you have them. But spend some time just letting that warm water massage away your stress.

Take That Break!

I hope, if you haven’t got to take a break for a while, that you will try it ASAP. You deserve it. You NEED it!

Thank you all for stopping by today. I appreciate being able to be a small part of your day. Have a great rest of your day, and week. And we will see you back here on Friday!


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