Wednesday, November 20, 2019
you are enough Mother's Day

Sweet Mama, You ARE Enough!

It is the day after Mother’s Day. So now what? The hope that surrounds the day is sometimes a letdown. Sometimes the day though can be more than you hoped. So now, the day after, when we aren’t celebrated, are we enough? Are we going to get lulled into mediocracy again… daily rituals, when no one seems to notice?

Yep. That is most likely going to happen. We will all fall back into life. Fall back into the same stuff we’ve always done. Fall back into the place where it seems no one sees the clean house, the dishes being done, or that you went grocery shopping.

So how do we motivate ourselves to keep going another year? How can we get our family to notice OTHER times of the year? There ain’t enough coffee or chocolate to keep things positive for another 364 days!

First, we all have those days. Let that sink in. EVERY mom has had those days, and if they don’t talk about them, they should.

We’ve all woken in the middle of the night to our child puking while our adoring husband sleeps soundly next to us. We’ve all had our poor, unassuming husbands ask what we did all day… Most of us have had someone ask us if we were pregnant when we weren’t. Or cleaned the entire kitchen, only to turn around as a child drops an open gallon of milk on the floor. Or let ourselves get just a few more minutes of sleep, only to get up and find out the kids “made breakfast”.

Second, don’t let someone else “image” of their perfect day, make your day worse, or make you feel like you don’t have it together. We all need to take a step back and remember that those images that we see on Instagram or Facebook, those are usually posed, filtered, and they probably took 20 or more to get that ONE perfect pic.

Don’t model your life according to those mom’s perfect pics.



Keep plugging along. Keep doing what you can, when you can. Take a nap if you need one. The laundry can wait. Dinner can be a box of mac’n’cheese.

But don’t allow yourself to live there!

We allow those bad days to define us, when that is not who we are! Seasons are only seasons, unless we allow ourselves to live there.

If you need motivation to get out of the slump we are in, call a friend, call your mom or sister. Call a wise lady from your church.

You are enough. You are good enough, are smart enough, are precious enough! Love, you might not be able to take over the world, but you can sure make it better for you and your babies.

If someone on social media is making you feel inadequate, don’t look at their page. If someone in your life is making you feel lesser than, either sit down and talk to them, OR let things cool off a while, and take a break from them. (And if the problem lies with your husband, I’d suggest sitting down and talking with him. And if that doesn’t work, I’d find a good counselor that can help you work through anything walls either of you have built).

If it helps, journal your feelings, but don’t carry those around and let them define you. Sometimes if I can get things down on paper, and get that off my shoulders, it makes for less of a heavy day.

Don’t forget how absolutely irreplaceable you are!

Yep, there may be moms that have a better wardrobe, shoes, hair, makeup, cars… but that doesn’t mean that your family needs to live with a different mama! They need YOU! They want YOU!

You are irreplaceable!

So, start today out on a positive note. You can be positive or you can be negative. It’s ok to cry, but don’t stay there. Think about your blessings, think about what you DO have in life, and focus on them.

Things aren’t always as perfect as they seem. The boys were arguing in the back on the way to church. We ALL have those days!

You’ve got this mom! I believe in you!

I hope you have an amazing week. Keep your head up. Don’t let yourself hide in your thoughts too long. And you can do this!


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  1. A much needed breath of fresh air! Thanks for the reminder that everything we do is worth it and that we are capable!

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