Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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Sundays are the Best

I love Sundays… Sundays for my household is a day we attend church together, then either home for a dinner, just the 6 of us, or small group. Then a relaxing, fun afternoon together.

Today was church, with a dinner after, then we went and walked and worked out together. Home to play a card game (one my grandma called ‘Golf’). Then I had a little time that I got to get my drawing things out and play!

I went to college for drawing and never finished but I have tried to keep doing those things that I’ve loved since I was just a little girl. My mom has a little scrap piece of paper with a person I drew when I was just 2 1/2 years old. And I still like to play with new paper and drawing or writing utensils whenever I can.

I want to encourage you today to do something you love. Make time for it. Make time even if it is 10 minutes. Remember why you love it? Share your story with someone- with your husband, kids, best friend, dog, whatever! You were made to find happiness in things while we are here on this earth, so do it!

Here are a few doodles I did today:

I have always tried to improve my writing. When I was in 2nd grade, I remember writing to mimic a typewriter on everything. I wanted my teacher to wonder how I had all of my papers typewritten while I was sitting there in class. Silly, I know, but I was only in 2nd grade. Since then, I continue to try to make beautiful, handwritten words. I bought some Pilot Parallel Calligraphy pens several months ago, and have enjoyed playing with them.

I also straight up enjoy drawing. Always have. And as long as God allows, I will continue to draw. Someday I hope to have Prisma Color colored pencils (like I did in college) but for now I make do, and make pretty pictures.

I hope you all had a beautiful Sunday!

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