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Summer Bucket List (with Teenagers) on a Budget

Today, I am showing you our Summer Bucket List that I put together with teenagers and on a budget!

feeding our family, save on groceries

To start off, I’ve never been a bucket list type of person, let a lone a summer bucket list person. Mostly because I hate to be disappointed when I don’t get to do something I’d like to do. Whether it’s financial or time or a job excuse, it can be disappointing if you don’t get to check anything off of your list! I’d love to go to England or Southern France, maybe Australia or Hawaii… someday but I don’t want to be disappointed as I watch the years of my life roll by and I don’t get to do any of it! (Sorry for that downer!)

BUT today, I wrote a list of things I think we can achieve during the summer with my boys. Some of it cost a little, some a little more, some cost nothing… all very good price points for me… lol

So in making our bucket list, I wrote down some of the things I already knew we were going to be doing. That is helpful because then I can see something checked off the list! We knew, as a family, that we were going to the Smoky Mountains (Tennessee/North Carolina). So I added that to the list! I also knew we were going to go visit my grandparents in the nursing home (they are about 45 minutes drive away). So I added that as well.

Then I added some things that could be doable with just a little planning. Which I can do!

So without further ado, here is our Summer Bucket List with Teenagers, on a budget!

My boys and I

Summer Bucket List 2019

  • Zoo
  • Drive-in Movie
  • Visit Great-Grandparents
  • Go Shopping at the Mall
  • Pick Strawberries
  • Mini Golf
  • Rainy Day Movie Marathon
  • Go to the Mountains
  • One Day without Technology
  • Picnic
  • Date with Each Boy


So here is a little breakdown of each…

The zoo. My youngest LOVES animals and has even talked about wanting to be a zookeeper someday. This will cost us a bit more because it’s an hour away plus it is a top rated zoo (Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo). BUT worth our time!

Drive-in Movie– There is a good drive-in about 30 minutes from us. Down side is that it lasts until 1:30 in the morning, upside is you get to see 2 movies. This is always a fun thing for us!

Visit Great-Grandparents– My grandparents (my sons’ great-grandparents) will both be in the same nursing home after July 1st, and we want to see them! We don’t get to see them very often and it’s time!

Go shopping at the mall– The boys ACTUALLY do want to do this! We don’t go very often at all. I think my sons have been there a handful of times in their lives. And they do like certain brands of clothes so this is a good place to find those. And we will do it this summer!

Pick Strawberries. There is a farm that I have picked strawberries at since I was a kid, and nearly every year we go and get some yummy strawberries to make jelly and just to eat!

Mini Golf– I can’t tell you the last time I went Mini-golfing. But it’s been a while. I’m not even sure my kids all remember the last time they went either! Time to go!

Rainy Day Movie Marathon– now this one won’t be hard, because there has been a LOT of rain lately. And when we talked about this, the natural movie choice was Star Wars. I think we own all but the last 2 that came out, and those are pretty much the only movies we own… lol

Go to the Mountains– Like I said earlier, we were already planning this as a family vacation and so naturally this made the list. We will be renting a cabin via Homeaway in the mountains, and we are very excited!

One Day without Technology– This day will be a challenge for sure, BUT we’ve actually done it before, but more extreme. We went a full 24 hours with no electricity. We just turned the lights off (left appliances still plugged in but didn’t use them), cooked over a camp fire in our back yard, used candles, played games, and made memories! This time will be easy, just getting rid of devices, computer, tv…

Picnic– Still not sure the location of this event but will figure it out. My boys obviously love to eat, so anytime we can celebrate eating food, they are in!

Date with Each Boy– This was something I did years ago with my boys but got away from it as they got older I guess. But this year, I think it’s a good time to revisit it. We will typically go out to eat (where they chose) and then do an activity that they chose (shopping, activity). It’s really fun and great one-on-one time.

In Closing

A summer bucket list for my teenagers, and on a budget wasn’t as scary as I thought it might be. And definitely not as intimidating as a regular bucket list. I’m excited about starting to knock some things off of it!

Do you do a bucket list? What are you lost excited about on your list? Please share!


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