Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Spring Makeover- Getting Your House Ready for Spring

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission at no cost to you. You can see my full disclosure HERE.However, I have purchased ALL of these products and the opinions are my own!

I love the change of seasons. And I love that we have them so fully in Indiana. BUT after a while, the season, especially the cold ones, get OLD FAST! I am ready for SPRING!

One way I get ready, and get out of that Winter slump, is by getting rid of all the winter decor (see my video HERE where I did that), Spring clean and I bring out the SPRING decor!

Now I don’t spring decor like I do winter… winter is snowmen, evergreen, and lots of lights… Spring is just getting everything cleaned up, dusted off, fresh, and maybe a few decor items.

It just FEELS like spring getting things decluttered and put away. Anyone else?

Some ideas to work with are:

  • Spring clean- declutter, dust, wipe down
  • Light, bright colors- use coordinating colors to what you already have, but keep things light and bright. If you like pastels, those are definitely a spring thing. If not, use lighter shades of colors you already use- for pillows (Ever thought about getting pillow covers instead of all new pillows?), table runners, hand towels, etc.
  • Bring in plants! If you are a brown thumb, don’t be afraid to get fake plants, they make some VERY realistic artificial plants these days! Don’t be afraid to make some of those plants FLOWERS. Nothing says spring more than some beautiful flowers!
  • Change the scents of your home- if you are an essential oil person, change those scents in your diffuser to maybe a geranium, or lemon/lavender smell. Change the hand soap scents, and your cleaners! I use Grove Collaborative to get many of my favorite family safe cleaners. You can check them out and get a free 5 piece (full sized!) set when you place your first order (I believe it only has to be a $20 order?) My favorite scent this spring is the Mrs Meyers Lilac scent…. *MAKES ME HAPPY*
  • Last thing I love to do is to make sure I open the windows… I am not going to be able to do this until next week but opening windows airs everything out naturally. All of the germs and smells from the house being closed up are able to be cleared out in just a few minutes! I love this step, and everything feels a bit cleaner when I can do this!

Here are somethings that I have decorated with so far:

Silk flowers from the Dollar Tree
Real flower bouquet from Aldi for $3.99
Silk flowers from Dollar Tree

Here are some things on my wish list (maybe by the time this posts, I will have already ordered them….):

These decorative Farmhouse pillow covers

This new foyer rug… (the new pup has pretty much ruined the old one)

I also need a new entry mat….

How about that one (above) layered with this one under it? Hmmmm… I like it.

What are some Spring decor items that you love or would like to purchase?

Have you already done spring cleaning? Raise your hand!!

Have an amazing week and we will see you back here again on Friday!

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