Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Spring Cleaning My Wardrobe Closet!

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In celebration of Spring officially starting this week, I wanted to do a closet clean out. I didn’t think I had much to do but just to reorganize but I took out much more than I expected!

I last cleaned out my closet in October. That is when I had bought some items to do more of a capsule wardrobe. That’s when I purchased my blazers that I love.

So I thought I didn’t have much to get rid of… well, I got rid of a lot.

Spring Closet Clean Out

Yep, this was a little messier than I like to keep it….

I thought at first I would probably just get rid of a few things, hang up clothes and reorganize a bit…

So one thing I have not went through in a while was my t-shirt and sweatshirts. I keep multiple sweatshirts and t-shirts because I live in a cold part of the country and when we work outside, we need to layer. And you don’t worry about looking all cute. Plus I do walk for exercise, and I don’t wear the same clothes every time. BUT I did need to weed through all of them. I honestly have a few “memory” t-shirts, ones that I keep because I got it in college, or the first t-shirt I ever made, etc… I took those out and put them in my hope chest. The rest look much better now!

closet cleanup spring cleaning

Then I just needed to reorganize!

Much better. Now everything in my closet has value.

Also, yes, I know I have a lot of gray in my closet. It used to be brown. Look at me, I’m evolving… lol

I could not find my same closet organizers, but if I were to buy some more, I’d go with THESE on Amazon. They are very similar and a great price for 4 without being cheaply made.

I also take all of my clothes (and a bag) and donate them to a local food and clothing pantry. Some may have some value if I were to sell them but honestly it isn’t worth it to be. That’s too much time I don’t have to spend! Easier just giving it to a good cause.

Are you doing any Spring Cleaning this week? If so, what will you be cleaning?

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