Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Speed Clean with Me

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Today I am sharing with you a time-lapse video of me cleaning. On this day last week, I had just got home from Florida (being in the warmth and sunshine) and I was tired of my winter decor… Join me as I “speed clean” my house and put away that winter decor!

As I clean my house, I go room by room. That’s just how I like to clean. When I was putting away my seasonal decor, I grab everything I want to put away and put it in a pile. I make sure it is dusted and ready to be put back out next year (you don’t want to drag out some dusty decor next season!).

Then I dust and arrange everything else. Usually I sweep at a separate time, unless I’m doing like I did on this day. Then I will bring the sweeper out to help sweep under things, even on shelves! It helps keep the dust down. I also swept those nasty ceiling fans! With a woodturning stove and being closed up all winter, my fans were a bit dirty!

I use THESE cleaners when I clean, and I get them from Grove Collaborative HERE. I like to keep the cleaners natural because I have kids and dogs that don’t need chemicals in their lungs or on their skin!

If you saw my home tour on Monday, you know what my house looked like AFTER I cleaned on this day. If you didn’t see it, you can check that out HERE.

Have you done any Spring Cleaning yet? Are you ready for Spring (Northern Hemisphere peps 😉 )?

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