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Secret: You Don’t Have to Follow the Trends, Nor Should You WANT to…

Today, I am sharing a little secret with you that people on the Internet (Influencers, YouTubers, etc) won’t tell you. You don’t have to follow the trends in fashion, nor should you want to!

I learned a valuable lesson recently, and I wanted to share this secret with you. And the secret is, you don’t have to follow fashion trends that the Internet tells us we should be following, nor should we WANT to! We have magazines, Influencers on all kinds of platforms, as well as tons and tons of people actually FOLLOWING the trends that make us feel like we need to hop on board.

And that just simply is not true!

In fact, you may want to steer AWAY from the trends. At least most of them. And the basis of my suggestion is financial. So if you have the money to spend on trends, have at it. Good luck to you, Miss.

But I want to give you some suggestions of what you may want to do instead AND if you absolutely LOVE a trend, how to know when you should pull the trigger and buy.

To Follow the Trends, or NOT

The trends I will address here today are fashion bases trends. And mostly from a woman’s standpoint, though the same things would certainly apply to men’s fashion as well.

But when I went shopping recently, I had 2 or 3 things that I was looking for that would fill a need in my closet.

As a backstory, for those that don’t know how I shop or what the state of my closet is, I try to keep minimal. Like a capsule wardrobe. I don’t buy unless it fills a gap in my closet. And I don’t want to fill that gap with just any piece. I want it to be good quality. I want it to last for years. Therefore I look for more timeless or traditional pieces.

You can maybe see where I am going on this anti-trend bus…

But then, I also might surprise you… My suggestion is to stay traditional. I say to buy pieces that can be worn multiple ways in your closet. I say buy pieces that you don’t have to buy MORE to go with.

But I also say, if you find a trend piece that you absolutely LOVE, you can afford it, and it would be used and loved for the life of that item, go for it!

So What are Trend Pieces as Opposed to Timeless?

Timeless pieces are clothing that you could tuck away in your closet, and then pull out years later and still wear. Timeless pieces are something that if they were a piece from your mom’s closet that you pull out and wore, that someone might absolutely love and ask you where they can buy a similar one.

Trend pieces are not this. That might last a year, maybe 2 or 3, but typically they will be done and gone within a short period of time.

Trend pieces MAY also circle back around within 20-30 years and become popular. But that’s up to you if you want to keep something out of style for that long…

My Recent Shopping Trip

Now to the fun part of this conversation… I went shopping with my sister, and like I said, I was looking for 2-3 things that was going to fill a gap in my wardrobe.

We went to a trendy store that my sons actually shop at, and we saw a trend that made us say “we need to at least say we gave this a try!” We didn’t have much faith in the item, but were out having fun and thought we’d at least get some good pictures out of it. I already KNEW that you don’t have to follow the trends but wanted to see if we could get some good pictures at least.

Well, we actually saw a bunch of trendy items that we thought that we’d try. I will only show a few here… sorry…lol

A piece to this story that you should know is that I am 42 years old and she is over 30. We are both moms. We are in decent shape. And did I mention we are moms?

So, with our arms full, we went to the dressing rooms. And we tried on the items.

The Trendy Items We Tried

We walked into the first store and right there, in front of the door, was a table of jeans. I need to get some better jeans, so we looked. Y’ALL…. THERE WERE MOM JEANS. Yes. Labeled clearly… MOM JEANS. WHAT!?! I knew this was a thing but these jeans… oh my goodness… So we grabbed our size. Then we found a t-shirt, cropped in nature to try with our new trendy style…

Here are the results…

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! I couldn’t believe how UNFLATTERING these were! There was no structure, no support of any kind in the front… I suppose making them look like you have a mom pooch? This is what all the girls want?

Then there is THIS issue… the butt. How horrible!! It looks like a wide load coming through!

I love the Rolling Stones shirt, and I may end up purchasing one in the future (I want vintage t-shirt vibes in my life). But the JEANS! UGH!

So, this supports the fact that trends aren’t always a good thing. ESPECIALLY if you are into the mom age range… My boys would have FREAKED… lol. You don’t have to follow the trends, people!

Another Trend

Now this next thing surprised me a little. High wasted jeans. Again I paired it with a crop top. But as a mom, please, unless you have abs for days, don’t feel like you have to share some skin. Please see below where I will talk about moms and trends (especially trend targeting teens or younger 20’s).

So here is the result of that:

Let’s be honest. I would probably mortify my sons if I showed up in a crop top. And that’s ok. I don’t need a crop top to look and feel beautiful. But these jeans surprised me. I liked them! For the most part. I’m not sure I’m on the ‘ripped jeans’ train yet. But I loved how the high waisted part felt! It actually, as a mom, hid a bit of the area that moms who have had babies try to hide… the pooch. I felt pretty good in these! But the price tag told me I needed to wait to make a decision until I made sure I had to add these to the mix.

Again the ripped look looks great on people, but I wasn’t sure that was something I was ready to incorporate into mine.

What I DID Buy

One trendy type item that I did buy was some high waisted jeans. But I found some at a great sale price at the GAP. And they weren’t ripped.

I love these. They even feel perfect wearing them.

Here is the link for these jeans, I do not get anything from this link. I also got them on sale from a Factory Outlet store.

In Closing

This goes for anyone, but especially the moms out there… You don’t have to fall to the trend shaming. Just because a person you “follow” says they are a MUST HAVE doesn’t really mean they are a must have. Just because another mom out there wears them, doesn’t mean you have to follow that!

You first need to go through your own closet, maybe make a list of needed items, and when you shop, keep your eye out for the items you know you need.

And if you see a trend item, make sure you evaluate the price. Then if you think you can handle the price, try on the item. AND BE REALISTIC. Do those “mom jeans” really make you look good? Or is this just a trend you want to follow?

For the high waisted jeans I actually purchased, they were at a great price point, AND they made me feel great wearing them.

As women, we want to make sure and wear items that flatter our bodies, in WHATEVER shape they are in. Clothes should just bring out the beauty that is there. Wear the type of clothing that will flatter your body the best.

There are so many helpful resources out there that help fit clothes to your body type. But in the end, you have to try things on. Then make sure you feel great in it. Because if you don’t feel great in it, you won’t wear it. And you just wasted your money on something that will sit in your closet with the tags on.

Each woman is different. And beautiful in their own ways BECAUSE of these differences. DO NOT feel like you have to purchase certain things to make you beautiful!

Hopefully, my secret, you don’t have to follow the trends, nor should you want to, has helped you out today. And maybe even provided some entertainment.

I hope to see you back here later in the week as we have some more fun things going on! I appreciate you stopping by today, and hope to see you again soon!

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