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Repurposing Glass Jars & Bottles

Another staple of décor that I love to use (and use a LOT) are glass bottles and jars. The types are limitless. Short, tall, fat, thin, colored, clear, lids, no lids, ages vary a lot, shapes vary even more…

In decorating with glass jars, there are so many options, I won’t even come close to naming all of the possibilities. But I will try to give you a few ideas on how to repurpose these gems.

In general, glass jars are CHEAP, if not free! I recently found about 20-25 bottles in an old junk pile in the woods!  With these jars, we found an old Ball jar, and a few old metal lids. Score!

Jar of the left isn’t very old but can still be very useful and pretty. The jar on the right is an old Ball jar. 
Metal Lids! What a find! The top lid actually has an old date on it. The bottom is stamped with “Ball”.

You can paint them, you can wrap twine or ribbon around them.  A great way to use them is storage for different items. It makes a nice display (I pretty much loathe cheap plastic containers). I use jars for food, like marshmallows for hot cocoa on my coffee bar, or candy storage so you don’t have boxes and bags dumping in your cupboard. You know when grandma loads the grandchildren with Easter candy? The candy looks great displayed in the cupboard or even on the counter.  I use a sealing jar for our coffee. I buy a big bulk container of coffee, use a pint jar to put coffee in for our use, and put the rest in the freezer. You could even store tea bags or loose tea in them. You can use jars for plastic ware when guests come over.  I use an older Kerr jar for my makeup brushes. They were cluttering up my makeup drawer, and this is a terrific way to keep them clean and easily find them. Another way I use jars are in the laundry room. If you have people that you do laundry for, mainly ones that forget to empty their pockets, jars are where I keep all coinage that ends up in the bottom of my washer or dryer. COFFEE MONEY!

Jars and bottle also look beautiful just sitting on a shelf or table, in a group of jars or with random decorations, displaying buttons, keys, shells, or other items.

So, when you are out on a walk, at a garage sale, flea market, or barn sale, look around. See if you can find some unique glass bottles or jars. Then pick them up, clean them up, and use them!

This jar was painted a copper color. The jar itself isn’t very old, but looks pretty painted and paired with other decor.
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