Monday, November 18, 2019
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Recent Aldi Haul- Video

Welcome Back to This Nest Living! Today I am sharing a short video on a recent Aldi Haul. Enjoy!

Happy Monday, friends! It’s going to be another great week, because not only will it be busy for me, but I also have a surprise for all of YOU on Wednesday! Wednesday is my ONE YEAR Anniversary for the business I started (You can see it HERE). But more on that later! Today I am sharing a short video on a recent Aldi haul that I did.

I always love shopping Aldi. I love the selection of organic and gluten free items they have, and I LOVE the prices!

Once a month I try to get to Aldi to stock up my pantry for the entire month. This may or may not last the month… lol I am constantly tweaking things because my boys seem to eat more at certain times of the year (Fall Sports time is one of those times!). They also pack their lunches, so I need to have food for those as well. And then of course snacks. Which, with 4 boys, if you don’t have plenty to snack on, these teens will start to complain!!

So here it is, my recent Aldi haul! Enjoy!

If you like this sort of thing, and / or would like to see what EXACTLY I buy from Aldi, or any of my shopping trips, let me know!

But thanks for watching today! Make sure to Subscribe to the blog BECAUSE Wednesday I have a surprise! And I don’t want you to miss it!! It is in celebration of my one year on Etsy… 🙂 I can’t wait!!!

See You Then!


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