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quality time with my son, vacation
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Quality Time with My Son- Mini-Vacation on a Budget

This past week, I took my son, who just finished up his high school career, on a mini-vacation before he officially becomes an adult. But the idea came up and developed kind of late, so I had to do it on a budget. Read on to see what all we did!

quality time with my son, vacation

All of the links posted here are of places that I have no affiliation to, just places we chose to use for our vacation. Others are links to posts in my blog.

I knew when my oldest finished high school, I wanted to do something special for him (and make it a tradition by doing the same with ALL of my boys). So I started looking at options. My husband recently had a promotion, and also has been working on a flip house, so he told me that it was a great idea but he wasn’t sure he would be able to get away right now.

How I Kept it CHEAP

So I started to look around at just the 2 of us going, my son and I. I knew I wanted to stay at Madeira Beach, Florida, where I have been many, many times since I was maybe 13.

Then I said something to my mom, who loves Florida. She said maybe she could go and share in some of the costs. DING DING DING! How awesome to have 1/3 of the cost for car and place to stay!

We found a nice place through AirBnB, which I have never really reserved anything through before. In the past, we have found that often times, a place through HomeAway or VRBO is a great option because you often have more room, and it’s cheaper. So this has been a great option for our family of 6.

We can usually find cheap airline tickets, and this year was no exception. We flew through Allegiant Air, which has flights from the city my husband works out of so we had a person to give us a ride to and from the airport.

And with staying a short 5 days, I entertained the idea of not paying for luggage, but instead trying to keep it cheap by packing in a backpack. It worked! You can see how I did that HERE and a video HERE!

And lastly, our car I rented through Priceline. I waited until the last minute to book it to see if the price would fluctuate at all, but it honestly stayed the same for about the 3 weeks that I was watching it. So I booked the smallest, cheapest car I could through Budget. When we got there, however, they ended up upgrading our ride because they had to wait until they brought more cars from an outer lot. So if we didn’t want to wait, we could take the upgrade.

Our upgrade was a truck, which my son really loved! Win win!

Our Trip

So we got to Florida early afternoon on Monday. And there was really only 1 day that we had a tough time finding things to do because it rained the entire day (which hardly ever happens!). The rest of the time, we tried to spoil my son (within reason!!). Here are pictures of some of the highlights:

vacation with my son, on the cheap
Early morning breakfast on the balcony
quality time with my son, vacation
Time on the beach, just off the plane
quality time with my son, vacation
My son parasailing for the first time
quality time with my son, vacation
His first time on a jet ski!
quality time with my son, vacation
Of course, there was lots of food!
quality time with my son, vacation
Isn’t he handsome!?
quality time with my son, vacation
My mom, my son, and I

Quality Time with My Son

Yep, it was great spending quality time with him, talking about the future, making plans, talking about the serious stuff that is coming up… This gave us some time away from the normal to sit and chat without the pressures of having to leave for work, or getting other things done. Just him and I, talking through some adult decisions for the future. I am glad that this will be a new tradition for each my boys.

Do you have traditions like this that you do with your kids? Maybe “dates” with them?

I am glad you stopped by today, and thank you for letting me share my blog with you! If you’d like to see more of our lives, my life as a mom living natural, simple, happy and healthy, make sure you follow this blog HERE.

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