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Part of the Family- My Dogs

Today, I am doing a bit more of a “get to know me”, and I am sharing about my dogs as part of National Dog Day! Hope you enjoy!


Welcome back to This Nest Living, and every now and then I share a bit of a get to know me type post. I just always enjoy getting to know people that I follow on social media, and figured maybe you do as well? So today I am sharing a part of the family that I don’t share very often, and that is my dogs!

Today is National Dog Day and I thought what better post to share on a Monday than one about our dogs… Because they are definitely a part o our family!

We have 2 dogs, and both are Doberman Pinchers. Growing up we had several Dobies and as a little girl, I felt pretty protected… 🙂 As an adult, we wanted a good, gentle dog, that would be good with kids, but be ready to protect if ever the need arise.


Well, 6 1/2 years ago we got our first Doberman, Keyla. We gave her to the boys for Christmas and they were over the moon. My oldest was 11 and the youngest was 4. And Keyla was a perfect fit. She was a pup and needed training but she never did anything but potty in the house, and that was even pretty rare. She has been AMAZING with kids. My kids have climbed on her, laid on her, play with her soft (uncut) ears constantly, and love on her all the time. She has been an amazing dog.

And knowing a Doberman’s lifespan is only about 9-12 years, we thought it might be a good idea to get another pup. My grandpa always said that you need to get a pup so the older dog can teach them how to be a good dog, and then you don’t have to work quite as hard. He was right!


This last Christmas, we added Luna to the mix. She was also a pup. And she has definitely been different than Keyla but she listens well, and she follows Keyla’s lead, right or wrong…lol

Luna trained pretty quickly. The only trouble we have had with Ms. Luna is her chewing. Dobermans (at least ours!) love to chew… all the time. So you need to have toys and things for them constantly. About ever 2 weeks I am buying new toys for them to destroy…

Part of Our Family

But they have been an awesome addition to our family. They may ruin a little (usually just in the training days) but they add so much to a family! And we have enjoyed them tremendously!

The love, and protection they give to our family is absolutely priceless!

In Closing

Do you have pups? If so, please share what you have, and why you might recommend them to someone.

Thanks of stopping by today! And I hope you enjoyed reading a little more about part of our family- my dogs! 🙂


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