June 20

4 Things to Try Tomorrow on the Longest Day of the Year

So tomorrow, June 21st, is the longest day of the year. Not that there is any more time in a day to get things done, but there kind of is…. Tomorrow is the one day of the year with the most daylight! So why waste those beautiful hours? Get out and enjoy them! First thing […]

June 15

Favorite Things- June 2017

After a busy week so far, I wanted to make sure I get this post out this week, as promised! I have several things in the making right now, including possible videos (eeek!) and some special things for people who Subscribe to This Nest via email! So without further adieu! First thing I wanted to […]

June 10

How to Make Some Great Iced Tea (Recipes)!

Happy National Iced Tea Day!!! In honor of this infamous holiday, I thought I’d post a few recipes for Iced Tea. You know, to shake things up a bit… Go HERE to find a recipe for Strawberry Iced Tea…  it sounds wonderful and looks super refreshing!  This Peach Iced Tea HERE takes a little more […]

June 09

Fav Finds- How to Make a Unique Outside Entrance Rug

Time for some more Fav Finds! Where I come across great ideas and share them with you- my people! Watch next week for Favorite Things for June, where I will pick several things that I  happen to absolutely love this month!  Today though I came across this little idea that can EASILY add some personality […]

June 07

Official Pinterest Page!

Yes!! I have a personal page that has every subject and Hobby of mine for the past several years. So I decided to open one for This Nest! Go HERE– Pinterest.com/thisnest  Please make sure you follow! And share! Like I said, my This Nest page is brand new!!!  I get so much inspiration from Pinterest. […]

June 05

How to Keep an Eye on Chemicals in Your Home and on Your Body with Essential Oils

I’ve been pretty conscious of chemicals in my home for a while now. Probably since my second son was born (15 years ago) I have tried to make sure I and my boys ate healthier and that I really kept an eye on chemicals that I was bringing into my home (via cleaners, etc). I […]

June 03

How to Figure Out Your Design Style

People get hung up on design style. If you watch any design shows on TV, you realize quickly that they are ALWAYS asked what their design style is. So, what is YOURS? Well, there are technical ways of finding out. Like you can take this quiz HERE from HGTV, and with choosing from different room/style […]

May 30

I Have a Facebook Page for This Nest!

That’s right! Join me on Facebook! I will be posting little things here and there, as well as links to the latest posts here on my blog. HERE is the link to Facebook. Make sure to LIKE the page! ┬áThank you, friends!

May 30

Fav Finds

So, you may have seen these all over the Internet. The insides holding succulents, jars with flowers, crayons, candles, etc. ┬áSo why is this a Fav Find? I found 2, yes TWO of these tool boxes! I remember several years ago, my husband and boys made a few of these. Ah! I’m so excited! They […]

May 29

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend! I personally want to express how thankful I am to be living in a country like the United States. One that so many have fought for, and so many have given their lives for in the name of freedom. Today we honor those who sacrificed […]

May 23

Fav Finds

I want to try to get more posts up, and another thing I have been wanting to add is pictures that I come across that I just absolutely love! Today’s Fav Find is a REPURPOSED item- and if you know me, you know I LOVE me some good repurposing! Take a look at THIS beauty! […]

May 18

Beauty in the Mess- Keeping Things Pretty, Even When You are Under Construction

So, as you may or may not have read in a previous post, we moved into our latest home at the end of last summer. It was actually the most “finished” home we have ever moved into! It had trim, it had all of the fixtures, plus extras! But there are some things we wanted […]