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Packing for a Vacation in the Smoky Mountains- Summer Hiking

This week we are going on a vacation in North Carolina, in a cabin we rented off of Homeaway (not sponsored, I wish lol). So today, I am packing for this vacation in the Smoky Mountains. This trip will be full of summer weather and hiking. Stick around and see what I pack!

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Welcome back! Thanks for joining me as I am packing for a summer vacation in the Smoky Mountains! We will be doing lots of hiking and being outdoors in this trip.

Now that it is FINALLY Summer around here (it seemed like it took FOREVER around here), maybe sometime soon I will do a capsule wardrobe for summer, or what I wear for summer? But until then, this is just a mini peak into a summer wardrobe.

And I say mini because we are packing LIGHT this trip. Our car isn’t huge and we are driving over 9 hours, with 4 boys (almost all teenagers). We fortunately have a washer and dryer in our cabin, so we will be washing clothes while we are there.

So tip for if you are traveling with family and there is a washer and dryer where you are staying… use it. lol. Pack HALF of the clothes you normally would and wash clothes once or twice while you are there. I love having a rental with a washer/dryer situation, because then I don’t have to go home with any (or very few) dirty clothes. WIN!

Now onto the packing!

We are leaving on a Saturday morning and returning on a Saturday. So total 7 days. We will have the clothes on our backs as well as about 3-4 outfits. As well as one swimsuit, pj’s, undergarments, and a sweatshirt or jack (just in case).

My husband and I are sharing carry-on type suitcase, while my boys will be packing in small duffle bags.

So, here is what I am packing:

1 pair of jeans (that I can double as capris)

1 pair of dress shorts- Khaki green- GAP

1 Pair of Jean Shorts (wearing on the trip)

1 sweatshirt- GAP

1 Long Sleeve Stripe Dress Shirt- GAP

4 T-shirts Calvin Klein, GAP, and (not pictured) USA Shirt from Amazon

3 Tank tops, including a new dressier Linen one by Everlane (Linen Muscle Tank)


Swimming Suit (not pictured)

Under Garments (not pictured)

1 Pair flip flops

1 pair tennis shoes

I know this totally doesn’t seem like enough for a week, but it should be fine. I always tend to overpack, just in case, but for this trip, I don’t think I have that luxury.

Plus, when I travel in the US, I always say that if I forget something, it’s not like I am on a Mission trip in a third world country. I can always buy what I need if I forget it.

I hope you enjoyed this!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you have a great weekend, and we will see you again on Sunday!

One last thing- make sure to go over to Instagram, and follow me there. I will be posting pictures from our trip there!

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