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My Top Wardrobe Essentials- Summer

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As part of my quest to help teach myself and others that our closets do not have to contain 500 articles of clothing to cover all life situations, today I am sharing my top wardrobe essentials for summer!

top wardrobe essentials for summer

My top wardrobe essentials for summer are BASIC. These are things that if your closet includes then, you can add pieces TO this and they would fit in seamlessly.

This is why I like a more minimalist wardrobe. First, it’s easy. Maybe at a different stage in my life I will want something different, but for now, I like easy. Second, it’s inexpensive. You don’t have to run out each season and buy the new trendy items to keep looking good. Third, it’s timeless. Meaning you can have these things now and in 5 or 10 years from now. Even 20! And they will still be an essential.

Another thing to make things easy on myself, I have a pretty basic color palette that I stick to. So if I pull things together in my closet, most everything will work together. This gives me more options with less clothing!

Now, on to the top wardrobe essentials!

Basic T-shirts

One thing I have ALWAYS included as a major player in my style, are t-shirts! T-shirts can go with anything. I can put a t-shirt with jeans or jean shorts, a skirt, or slacks. So I keep different fits, cuts, and sizes in my wardrobe. A great tee is also pretty inexpensive. So you can have a bunch and if you stain it or ruin it somehow, you can replace without crying too much.

Now that I am in the t-shirt biz, I am even more picky on the types of t-shirts I add to my closet. You don’t want 1000 t-shirts and 900 of them are uncomfortable to wear. You want to make sure the type of t-shirt is one that you find yourself comfortable in wearing at any time.

100% cotton is best. But I also find that a little polyester in the blend sometimes makes for a nice, soft tee. Depending on the t-shirts, I care for them in different ways. I try to make sure my 100% cotton, or even 90% cotton t-shirts either get dried on a low heat or hang them on a hanger to dry. These will obviously shrink and you do not want to lose a favorite t-shirt to it getting too small!

Some of my current favorites are from GAP, my Calvin Kline, and from my Etsy shop. I live in these and wear one of these nearly every day.

top wardrobe essentials for summer

Jeans/ Jean Shorts

Now, I don’t have a favorite pair of jeans. Which is strange because I literally LIVE in jeans. But since committing to be more intentional with buying quality over quantity, I have been wearing out my current jeans.

But my suggestion (for myself as well!) going forward, is to purchase pairs that will last YEARS. I currently have a pair I bought maybe a year and a half or two years ago. This is a skinny pair of jeans and it is starting to bunch up an wear weird in some spots because of the elastic in the jeans to make the “skinny”.

I also have colored jeans which can really elevate the look of an outfit. Add black or other colored jeans to a plain tee and you have instantly taken your outfit up a notch. Add a pretty necklace and you are ready for just about anything!

I am holding off until winter to buy any more jeans. And when I do, I am thinking about going for a straight leg pair (I have had skinny jeans for a long time!). I want to find a good deal but a pair that will be more timeless, and last for years to come.

Right now it is summer for me, and I also include jean shorts in the mix to replace my jeans. I have a pair that I wear a lot but again, nothing to shout about.

Here are some the jeans/shorts I am currently wearing.

top wardrobe essentials for summer

Long Sleeved, Shirt

In the heat of the summer, I haven’t worn long sleeve much. But when I go somewhere that I know the air-conditioning will be extreme, I make sure I can wear a long sleeve dress shirt (Or light jacket). I have just a few in my closet, but what I do have are pretty versatile.

When I recently purchased one of my new favorites, I made sure it wore well. Many times with fast fashion or quick, cheap manufacturing, long sleeve tops can sit funny, or not allow for full arm movements. Which WHY would we buy your clothes if we can’t move our arms around in them!!! (Sorry-pet peeve).

My 2 favorites are from GAP.

top wardrobe essentials for summer

Tank Top

Tank tops are a necessity for summer, and definitely a top wardrobe essential. I personally have some cheap tanks that I wear around out in the sun, or to the lake. But you also need something nice to wear to keep yourself cool but also look nice.

This year I have so far invested in one tank that will be a staple for years to come. I got this one from Everlane. It is a linen tank, called the Linen Muscle Tee. This is THE BEST. It wears so well, and it is COOL. I have worn it out in the summer heat several times since I got it a month ago and I want to get more!

Even if you are like me and don’t spend a bunch on several different options, make sure that what you do have is versatile.

top wardrobe essentials for summer everlane

Khaki Shorts/Capris/Pants

You can’t do summer without having khakis in your wardrobe! This summer I invested in green khaki shorts and the capris. I love them. I try not to over wear them but I do love them so much. They go well with many of the things in my closet. Which we mentioned is a must when investing in your wardrobe!

I also have a light tan khaki that I wear some but the greens for some reason just have my heart…lol

I got both of my favorite khakis from GAP.

top wardrobe essentials for summer

What to Add

Some things that you can add to these top wardrobe essentials to dress them up are jewelry, a jacket or blazer, a nice belt, a non-neutral lip color, a pretty purse or bag, and shoes.

Any of these items, depending on the type, can change the look completely. So you can be plain one day and just wear your white tee and jean shorts with flip flops. But you can also add a nice necklace and/or earrings, a jacket and change your shoes to pair of loafers or mules and your outfit can look completely different!

In Closing

I hope some of these essential basics gave you some ideas of how you can stretch your wardrobe further. Instead of each season, spend a bunch of money on clothes because the ones last year were so cheap, slowly spend a little more on QUALITY clothing that you won’t have to replace each year.

Thank you all for stopping by today to check out my top wardrobe essentials! I hope to see you again soon! Make sure you stick around and check out some more posts like this below!


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