Wednesday, December 11, 2019

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In July of 2018, I quit my job as a secretary, and I started my own business. I have always, since I can remember, loved to create and to make beautiful things. My mother has a bunch of drawings from when I was barely speaking but drawing already! Drawing is still easier than speaking for me… 😉

In September of 2018, I opened an Etsy shop with my designs on (mostly) t-shirts. You can check that out HERE.  I still am active here, and love wearing these comfortable tees with my personality.

In January of 2019, I began creating for  Amazon. This is new for me a still a work in progress. You can visit my page HERE and check out the Journals I have created.

I have SOME of my items below that you can click directly to. All of these items, I have drawn and designed myself. As you click on the item, it will take you either to my Etsy store or my Amazon store. You will also be billed through their site, and not by me directly. My Etsy shirts are printed through Printful, based in California, as soon as you place an order. The journals are printed through Amazons printing company, as soon as they get your order. Amazon will ship my journals Prime (woohoo!).

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at  (thisnestliving @gmail .com)!

Thanks for stopping by!

Caffeinated T-shirt, in White with Black Lettering, Calligraphy
Caffeinated T-shirt, $20
Tacos and Nunchucks T-shirt, $20.
Tacos and Nunchucks T-shirt, $20


Love Journal Amazon
Love Journal on Amazon (Prime), $7.25

Again, thank you for visiting my blog. And I hope that you’ll come by many more times and visit!

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