Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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My ‘Normal’ Day

So, I saw an idea (maybe on Pinterest?) to blog a day in your life with pictures. Well, I’m not a big “selfie” person, but I thought it could be kind of fun for you all to get to know me a little bit better. Well, it took me 3 days to capture pictures of what my days normally consist of, because like I said, I’m not a big selfie person and to remember to take pictures of myself, or what I was doing, or where I was, was hard!

You will notice there are no pictures of my husband or kids in these. That’s because my husband was gone pretty much all week with work, and my kids are at the stage where they dislike pictures to be taken of them (hmmmm… I’m still in that stage!)

But here we go!


6:45am- my phone alarm goes off, because I hate the alarm clock alarms. I get ready for work, and sometimes play referee from my bathroom. Notice my counter disappears really quick in the morning. I have my water, coffee, face lotions, make-up, phone, etc on a small counter between our two sinks. But I’ve gotten creative with storage, so that’s a plus!

7:50am- Taking my son to school. The sun this time of year is a rarity in Indiana, but we sure do want to see more of it…. Hopefully sooner rather than later!

After I drop my youngest off, I head into the sun. One day a week, I have had a class at my home learning about homeopathy. The other weekdays, I head to my job!

This day, I had class. I love learning about how I can best take care of myself in case of cold or flu, or worse. Knowledge is power!

This is my office. Monday through Friday, minus the one day temporarily, this is where I am on a part-time basis. I am a secretary, and enjoy the creative side of it. I’ve also got to add a few decorative elements into the office space. *happiness*

1:00pm- I get home in time for a late lunch. I also like to try to blog, look at Pinterest, watch videos on SkillShare, be on Instagram (check mine out HERE!), and sometimes if I’m feeling energetic, I’ll clean.

I also like to draw. This sometime will happen before I pick up my youngest, but it also happens in the evening after supper. Lately I have been working on learning new lettering styles, because all that I have are self-taught.

Our dog Keyla is a constant companion, mostly to the boys, but during the day, I’m the only one left to pay attention to her, so she gives in. She’s a doberman, but she doesn’t have the cropped ears.

3pm- The school pick up line is also a place where I catch up on texts, phone calls, watching videos, etc. It’s boring, but it’s the calm before the storm.

My oldest son is a driver and gets himself and my other 2 sons home from school. I usually have them do homework, and complete their chores as I run the vacuum and get dinner around.

6pm- After dinner. my boys do all of the cleanup. Then this time of year, we have downtime. Boys usually play outside if it is warm enough, play in their space in the basement (tv with video games, Nerf guns, etc). Or we watch tv together (usually the History channel or HGTV), rarely but usually when it’s very cold and everyone wants to be by the wood stove.

The above is a picture (not the most beautiful) but as I was on the computer writing, I thought about my obsession with journals, notebooks, planners, etc. I have some in every corner of my house, but I love them. Makes me feel organized. Ha!

(My strawberry banana smoothie doesn’t look that yummy either, but it was. Especially in my stainless steel straw.)

And that is it! My typical weekday in a few pictures. I hope you enjoyed. Maybe I will do this every few months, because summer definitely looks different than this. And much more exciting.

If you liked this, make sure you let me know! Also, if you have done a similar post on your blog, let me know! I’d like to check it out!

Have a great day!

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