Wednesday, November 13, 2019
Antiques My Home

My Coffee Bar

When we moved to our house a year and a half ago, I came with many odds and ends pieces, as most people do. And I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to set things up, as far as furniture arrangement and decor.

There was this one wall and area by the wall that I was just unsure of what I was going to do. I thought maybe a sitting area, but that idea didn’t quite feel right.

I think AFTER we started moving things in, I realized I had this island/ free-standing kitchen cupboard piece that I hadn’t thought of earlier. But thought it might look cool to set it against the wall or maybe pull it out further and have an island situation where guests can grab food, etc. BUT THEN, looking outside as my husband and sons were unloading barn items into a shed outside, I saw my chicken layer boxes. These we bought many years before. Actually I think my husband bought it maybe 7-8 years before and I wasn’t sure what we were going to do with it.

I then pictured it hanging on my wall with other antique items that I have inside the boxes. I could. not. wait.

I told my husband and he thought I was a little nutty (nothing new) but he trusted my ‘vision’ and hung the layer boxes up for me.

A coffee bar! Now to say that coffee and I are besties is an understatement. A coffee bar was something I had dreamed of but was never able to do because of space/layout. But she came together perfectly!

Now this area is one of my favorite and most complimented areas.


It’s perfect!

The base is basically old painted kitchen cupboards. I mean OLD. But sturdy. The top is painted boards. And it works great for it’s purpose!

I have decorated this area with farm/ coffee related items that I have found here and there. And when you have things you love, and they have found a perfect place in your home, oh the happiness!

Do you have a favorite part in your home? Or a place that was the most fun to decorate?

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