Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Must Have May Favorites- Mom Product Review

Welcome to my Must Have May Favorites! This is a mom product review, by a mom, for moms and our mom life. I hope these things also benefit you as well!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission at no cost to you. You can see my full disclosure HERE. However, I have purchased ALL of these products and the opinions are my own!

First, I have to explain my month. It has FLOWN by… As a family, we have been working on projects around the house to get things ready for my son’s graduation open house. Not that any of these things HAD to be done, but they were projects that we felt like this was the perfect time to force ourselves to get them done. Anyone else do that?

Then my son graduated and all of those festivities… And we are finishing up on a flip house. As well as living life, working, and getting other things done for ministries and just mom life!

So in this rushed month, here are my must have May favorites!

In thinking about what products I would add to the month as being helpful to review from this past month, I kept going back to COMPANIES who make things easier. So here are a few companies that lightened the load this month.


Amazon. I know we joke about Amazon and Amazon Prime, and it being TOO easy to order things and get them within 2 days… But seriously, I have been so thankful to have Amazon available. I have need to get new rugs throughout my house because of puppy ruining all of what I had. So I ordered one each new pay period so I could space the costs out… Actually the rugs I got were SO reasonably priced and I LOVE them. (You can find them HERE) But Amazon has helped, especially in these last days with getting things sent, that may take a week or 2 with other companies.

Thank you Amazon, for being awesome. I am grateful to you this month.

Grove Collaborative

The second service that I am SO grateful for is my Grove Collaborative orders! This past month, we have gone through a lot of cleaners, just cleaning out those nooks and crannies that hardly ever get cleaned. Grove has all of my family safe, natural cleaners… and you get their order within just a few short days of them sending it out. Which is amazing.

Some of my favorite products right now are the Mrs. Meyer’s Lilac Cleaners, Method Wood Floor Cleaner, and the Seventh Generation panty liners.

And it’s also amazing because if you share Grove with friends, you get money towards your next order! Also, I can’t forget to mention that with your first order of Grove you get 5 full sized products for FREE… Seriously, love this company and how easy it is to get everything I need each month. Check them out HERE. And HERE is a past post I did about getting rid of toxic cleaners in your home, and Grove was a huge part of that for me!

Ahava Hand Cream

product favorites journal Amazon

Next, I have been using a lot of my Ahava Deadsea Water Hand Cream. There have been many lotions that I love for their own unique qualities, but this past month, going from white Indiana winter skin then being exposed to the sun and getting tanned up a bit, my skin has been dry and has needed a deep hydrating lotion. THIS Ahava lotion has done the trick, and I love it. It has even helped dry, pealing skin (after sun burns) to go away quicker.

The smell is light but more on the floral size, and the hand cream is heavy but sinks right into the skin. It’s amazing.

I think I have mentioned this as a favorite before, but if it is something that came in handy this month and saved me on multiple occasions, I will mention it as a favorite! You can check it out HERE.

Yeti Tumbler

And last for this month, another favorite is my Yeti travel mug, in Seafoam green. Being warmer weather, I can carry ice water around in this beautiful mug and it will stay cold, without melting all of the ice for most of the day! I’m not sure HOW Mong, because I do DRINK the water sooooo…..

But I absolutely think it is a great investment. I got mine for my birthday, I believe, for one of my sons. And I love it. I have dropped this in an airport on the hard floor, and it didn’t even put a dent in it. That is when I discovered that you can take the slider off the top because it is magnetic, and easy to clean!

If you’d like to get your own, I’d say you will be SO glad you did. You can find them HERE on Amazon (of course).

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my must have May favorites. Hopefully this mom product review from a real mama was helpful for you!

Have an amazing week, and a beautiful June!

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