Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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My Home Tour in Pictures

It’s always a little difficult to get to know someone you “follow” on a blog, YouTube or other social media. But one great way is to get to “see” where they live. Today I am going to show you, in pictures, the main living areas of my house: my kitchen, living room and dining room!

Thank you so much for joining me today! Keep in mind mamas, I cleaned my house and then I took pictures of it. I didn’t let anyone live here before I could get some pictures in… lol

That being said, I DO like to keep a clean house, BUT WE DO LIVE HERE. So it doesn’t always look so clean. So as you look at these pictures, thinking what a great wife or mom I am because I keep a spotless house, I will stop you there.

We are a real family. Just like yours.

Now let’s move on… 🙂

My Dining Room

This is where we honestly do spend a lot of time. It has always been a priority to use the table, and with the exception of a lazy Sunday evening, a Friday night movie time or when we are all having to eat at different times, we will usually be found eating our dinner at the table.

Our table can seat up to 12, and sometimes more if we squeeze in. I also love the shiplap wall that my husband and son installed about a year and a half ago.
The floors are bamboo. I would love to get a nice rug to go under it, but it would have to be easily cleaned. Not that my family would trash it, but we host families with little ones often, and it would be great to have something easily cleaned. Ideas?
Our front door is right off the dining room.

My Kitchen

The heart of our home! Not a huge space but my gang sure seems to love it here… 😉

Our kitchen has a small island that I used to use as a table beside the front door. But it was the perfect size to fit in such a small space. We use it a lot when serving food.
This “island” (or Peninsula, I guess) is used quite a bit by my boys. Especially for breakfast.
This is my favorite part of ANY kitchen…. the coffee bar. Yep, she has her own spot. I love her. She makes me happy. This chicken coop layer box is the perfect thing to display antiques.

Our Living Room

When I get to spend time here, I know it’s time that I can relax. It’s comfortable, and it makes me happy…

My living room is great for hosting lots of people. We love all of the windows and the view to the backyard.
One of our favorite things is this fireplace… seriously a lifesaver this winter! I am useless when I am cold!
We have 2 couches. And the carpet is perfect in this space. We found it on Amazon HERE. It wasn’t expensive and it’s great when little kids come and want to play on the floor.

We love our house!

We have lived here for about 3 years. And it has served us well, especially because I love to host gatherings.

I hope you enjoyed the home tour today! What would you like to see in the future? Let us know!

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