Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Mom Fashion: What I Wore for One Week

Check out what I actually wore for one week as a busy mom of 4 boys! Mom fashion doesn’t have to be frumpy!

Being a mom is hard sometimes. And even if you do have a little time to get yourself ready (because like me, your kids can dress themselves with little or no help), mornings always seem a rush. And let’s be honest, I know too many of us would rather slip on some sweatpants or yoga pants and call it good.

For me, I have been caught in my pajamas or sweatpants too many times to allow myself to conform to THAT dress code. Don’t ask…

Clothes and Makeup

Instead, I make sure each morning I get up in time to get dressed. In actual clothes. And to at least do a little makeup and comb my hair.

There are always varying degrees of how I will look each day. But NEVER will you catch me in sweatpants in public again. I will dress in a way that IF I see someone or get called to the school last minute or someone calls me while I’m dropping my son off in the morning, I can go and see them and not be TOO embarrassed of my appearance.


So yep. Makeup each day. I’ve been asked too many times if I was feeling well when I decided to go “natural”. I’ve been PHOTOGRAPHED too many times when thinking it would all be ok, I didn’t need makeup for thaaaat…. THEN TOO MANY TIMES OF MY MAKEUPLESS MUG   BEING SHARED ON FACEBOOK. Solution? Makeup. Wake up 5, 10, 20 minutes earlier to add some war paint.

So my skin isn’t great. Have some intestinal things going on that I have the skin of a 13 year old, with wrinkles. So I wake up each morning, wash up, lotion up, and add at least SOME makeup.

If I don’t have time to do my hair, at least I do a cute(ish) bun. If I am subbing, I will be LATE before I go without doing SOMETHING to my hair. But on the off days, it’s usually down and still curled from the day before OR in a bun.


Well, I don’t dress up unless I am substituting. But at home I try to make sure I have on a clean sweatshirt, sweater, or t-shirt and jeans.

(Doing my makeup, hair, and getting dressed also sets a tone for my day. If I stay in my pjs, I tend to not get very motivated to do anything. If I get ready for the day, I feel more motivated to work from a desk and not keep trying to climb back in bed… believe me, I’ve lived that life!)

My clothing staples (after I realized going out in my sweatpants or pj’s attracted people I hadn’t seen in a long time) have been my jeans, a white tank top, and a shirt over the top.

THIS Mom’s Fashion

Without further ado, here is what I wore for a week recently:

Everyday I have makeup and jeans on. And a top. I don’t wear “work clothes” unless I am actually working on something, and I don’t wear workout clothes unless I am actually working out.

Not that there is anything wrong with that! I just try to hold myself to this way of dressing, because of all we talked about above.

And this works for me!

Anyone else have a “Mommy Uniform”? Share below! And remember, no judgment! What works for one, doesn’t always work for another!

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