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Mom Fashion, Round Up: One Item, Several Ways to Wear

This week has been an incredibly busy week, getting back to life as usual and all of the things that life tends to throw at you, especially when it’s already busy. So today I decided to do a round up post of all of the posts taking one item of clothing and wearing it multiple ways.

I am a minimalist at heart. It saves money and it reduces clutter, headache, and laundry. So having clothing items that I can wear multiple ways, makes those items more desirable to me. Welcome to this mom fashion roundup, where I share one item and several ways to wear it!

So today, I am resharing some of my past posts because wearing what you love in multiply ways just makes sense.

5 Ways to Wear Olive Khakis

IN THIS POST, I share 5 ways to wear one of my favorite pairs of non-jeans… lol I had been wanting some of these olive khaki pants for over a year, and I had a special occasion coming up, there was a sale at GAP, so I took the plunge! And I’m not sorry that I did.

Check out the post on a few ideas on how I wear my olive khakis!

5 Ways to Wear White T-shirt

IN THIS POST, I shared several ways to wear a white t-shirt. My favorite is with denim, and just keeping it simple. But there are many, many ways to wear a white t-shirt. Experiment with the items you have, this is definitely a wardrobe essential and easy to pair with LOTS OF different items.

Make sure to check out what things from MY closet that I paired it with.

4 Ways to Wear a Blazer

IN THIS POST, I pair one of my FAVORITE items, this houndstooth blazer, with different items. Right now, it’s too warm to wear the blazers that I currently own. But if you have a linen blazer or other thin blazer, you could definitely wear yours in the evening or in a restaurant (these are FREEZING to me). Blazers are definitely the most perfect way to dress up an outfit of plain wardrobe essentials.

Make sure you check the blazer ideas!

4 Ways to Wear Black Jeans

IN THIS POST, I used another item that can easily make an outfit look dressy, black jeans. I always feel that whether you pair black jeans with a t-shirt or with a sweater, you end up with a more polished looking outfit.

For ideas on how I pair black jeans, check out my post!

4 Ways to Wear a Graphic T-shirt

IN THIS POST, I share another one of my favorite basics, and part of my personal business, graphic t-shirts! This is another super easy item to have as a casual outfit or dress it up! And those are the kinds of clothing I can appreciate for the versatility factor.

Check out some of the ways I wear graphic tees.

In Closing

Thanks so much for stopping by today and checking out this mom fashion roundup! I hope you have an amazing weekend!!

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