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Mom Fashion: 4 Ways to Style One Piece of Clothing- Graphic T-shirt

Want to learn how to style one article of clothing multiple ways so you don’t have frumpy mom fashion? Read on to learn how to style a Graphic T-shirt 4 different ways.

As a mom, I know how it feels to go into your favorite department store and to only come out with new clothes for your kiddos. It literally hurts my heart that I didn’t/ couldn’t buy something for myself…

Not that I really NEED anything.

But we WANT things…

Not long ago, I happened across Audrey Coyne who has a capsule wardrobe for each season. And it challenged me.

It challenged me to stop buying whenever I saw something I thought was soooo cute.

Challenged me to stop buying JUNK clothing that lasted for 3 washes then started to pill up, fade, or wear holes in it.

Challenged me to put more thought into what I bought.

Also, Challenged me to, instead of buying 8 junky department store shirts, to spend a little more and get a quality shirt or two.

So I want to show how you can indeed buy less for yourself, picking quality over quantity, and look great wherever you go!

Let’s go!

Staying Home or Running the Kids

Avocado shirt and jeans
Avocado graphic t-shirt by ThisNestIllustrations (Etsy), Jeans from Maurices, sneakers from Amazon

This is an outfit that I wear all day everyday. It’s comfy but not sloppy. Graphic t-shirt is from my shop. You can check that out HERE.

Casual Out to Eat, or Meeting at the School

Avocado T-shirt and army jacket
This is the same Graphic t-shirt from ThisNest Illustrations, and Jeans from Maurices, Shoes are from Bass, Belt is Levi’s, and Army jacket is from Gap.

I wear this sometimes to teach (on casual Fridays) and if I am going out at all. This GAP jacket dresses it up perfectly.

Date Night or Casual Work Meeting

Avocado t-shirt and Jeans, Dress Jacket
This has the same graphic t-shirt, jeans, belt, and shoes. I have added a dress jacket by Ralph Lauren.

I love my Ralph Lauren Herringbone jacket. It was purchased used from Ebay. Yep. And paid less than $20 for it. I wear this one proudly…

Dress up or Dress down

Avocado t-shirt and black jeans
Same graphic t-shirt from This Nest Illustrations, shoes from Bass, Black Jeggings from Kohl’s, and to dress it up, my Ralph Lauren Herringbone jacket

This last look is one you can dress up or down. The black leggings make it look a little dresser by itself but adding the jacket can really take it up a notch.

So what I wanted to show was that being a mom doesn’t mean you have to get rid of those old favorite rock band t-shirts, a favorite business, or even your church or other group shirts. You can dress them up to wear with just about anything.

I also hope that I showed you that you don’t need a lot of DIFFERENT items of clothing, you jut have to play around with them to see how many different ways you can wear them.

What is your favorite graphic t-shirt these days? Let me know in the comments below!

Sarah @ This Nest
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