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February Favorites- Mom Life Product Reviews

This post may contains affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission at no cost to you. You can see my full disclosure HERE.

However, I have purchased ALL of these products and the opinions are my own!

February was a busy month for me. I traveled twice this month (gone for approx 11 days total), and I thought I’d share a few products that really made things better for me this month!

My Backpack

Product favorites backpack Amazon

I know you may have seen where I showed you how I packed for my vacation in this backpack HERE and HERE. But it really, truly is one of my favorite things right now. I used it a few weeks ago when I went to some training, and had to carry all of my books around.

This backpack is comfortable and not too big. I’d say it’s medium sized, comparing to other backpacks. The size pockets and the front pocket are very roomy. And I love how the bag just stands on it’s own with the top opening up as wide as the bag itself.

product favorites Amazon backpack

I’ve also washed this bag in the washing machine (after mission trip to Central America), and you can’t tell it looks any different than the day I got it in the mail!

You can find the bag on Amazon HERE.

Facial Exfoliant

product favorites facial exfoliant Amazon

Living in Indiana in the winter is HARD on your poor skin. And with traveling, it’s taken an even harder hit. This exfoliant by Grown Alchemist has been amazing!

This gentle exfoliant has micro exfoliants that give just the right amount of scrubbing power to slough off dirt and dead skin, while not aggravating sensitive areas of your face.

product favorites facial exfoliant Amazon

Plus the ingredient list cannot be beat!

I used this while on vacation and after I got back (with getting a little too much sun one day!) and it has truly been a skin saver!

The scent is super light and almost herbal smelling. You can tell it includes great, natural ingredients, not synthetic, or toxic.

I love it! I got this bottle with my Fab Fit Fun box, last fall I believe? If you’d like to check out Fab Fit Fun, check it out HERE for a $10 savings. ( I personally LOVE it, it’s like Christmas each season)

Or you can purchase through Amazon HERE.

Lotion Stick

Product favorites lotion stick Natural

Now this beauty has been a life saver that I can simply throw in my purse. It’s a lotion stick made by a friend of mine. She makes all kinds of amazing products. This is one thing that my husband picked out for me for Christmas. I have the Lemongrass and the Eucalyptus kinds. And I love both. They are made with all good ingredients!

product favorites lotion stick natural

Recently when on my last vacation, my dry Indiana skin needed some attention, and this was the perfect thing to put on those dry spots on my hands or legs.

The scent even lasts for a little while on the skin, which I like!

product favorites lotion stick natural

If you’d like to check out these Lotion Sticks, there are 24 different combinations of scents! You can find them HERE.


product favorites journal Amazon

I know I mentioned these in my last “favorites” post, but I seriously NEED a notebook with me at all times. And these are the perfect thing to throw into my purse, backpack or just to carry! They aren’t too big or too small. And the pages are the perfect thickness to make this feel like a book!

product favorites journal Amazon

I keep a few for different blog purposes, business info, and just for notes.

product favorites journal Amazon

Yes, these are a product that I created and am very proud of. These are available on Amazon Prime in a variety of covers. You can find them HERE. And if you have any questions, ask!

Hand Cream

product favorites lotion Amazon

Last Month, I mentioned a facial moisturizing mask made by Ahava. This month I am sharing this hand cream also made by them. It is my favorite right now.

It’s thick formula coats and then soaks straight into the skin.

product favorites lotion Ahava

My husband recently used this and he commented that when you wash your hands, it’s almost like the lotion comes back and keeps your hands moisturized still!

I had also got this with a Fab Fit Fun box (Spring 2018 maybe?). You can check FabFitFun out HERE. And you can find the lotion HERE.

Your Favorites?

What have you tried this month that you love? Have you tried anything that I’ve mentioned here? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Make sure you keep stopping back of more great content! Have an amazing day!!!

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