Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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Master Bedroom Makeover (The Beginning)

So 2 weeks ago, I found out I was getting a new bed, and decided to take that as an opportunity to paint my bedroom. It was the only room in the whole house that we didn’t paint when we moved in here a year and a half ago. It wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t “us”, you know?

I got new bedding in the fall, and absolutely love it. I have a duvet cover, sheets, and pillows from IKEA. I’d like to get more pillows, maybe some with some color, but one step at a time!

My walls were a light turquoise color and medium gray. And decided I wanted to paint them a LIGHT gray, to brighten up this small room, with a medium/small window situation.

My end tables are mismatched old furniture that I painted black years ago. For now, I will keep these because I don’t mind mismatch and they still function as they need to without looking too bad.

Here is a before shot:

Yes, the light/fan situation may need some attention someday as well, but for now, we hardly use it and it works. Again, one step at a time!

Here is what simply changing the paint color did for the room. PS- it was a darker day (of course) the day I took the “after” shot, but I still think it looks better. Indiana weather, what can I say:


(Sorry for the bad photographs-I need to update all of my equipment STAT)

Next I am getting a different headboard (I am figuring out what I can make, and I have a few ideas!). I will also be adding decor to the walls. This step has been forgotten for a year and a half too long!

So that is it! the first of many steps to improve a forgotten part of our home!

Am I the only one who leaves the Master bedroom to decorate and pay attention to last? Please tell me I’m not!

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