Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Letter to My Dad on Father’s Day

Welcome Back, and today I am writing a letter to my dad on Father’s Day. Because he is a pretty special person in my life and today I honor him!

Dear Pappy-

This weekend we celebrate Father’s Day, and I today I get to tell the world (or a very, very small portion of it) about my dad, and why YOU are the best one!

From the beginning, probably because you thought you’d never have boy, you thought me things like how to hold a snake, a worm, or bug, how to not be afraid of thunderstorms, and how to work in a wood shop.

You taught me the fine art of “winning” an argument. And how to make it last all day, or until the other person backed down… lol

You also taught me what it looks like to be tough but loving. Ornery but with a huge heart. You taught me about having a sense of humor. And also taught me how to be awkward, or maybe it’s just in my DNA? (again lol)

You taught me what hard work and dedication looks like. You taught me what it looks like for a husband to take care of his wife and family. And you taught me what true love looks like.

When you had your mini-strokes, you taught me what it feels like to love your parent so deeply but then having the feeling of losing them. You taught me, when I saw you in the hospital after that, how happy I was to see your smile. And you taught me that even through recovery, you can overcome most things with sheer stubbornness… 🙂

Dad, I love you so very much. I am blessed and so thankful to have been given into your hands when I was born. Thank you for loving us, and for giving everything in your being to make us happy. You truly are the best dad in the world.



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