Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Let’s Celebrate Strawberries!

I have this fun little app on my phone that I pull up every now and then to entertain myself. It’s called ‘Holiday Today’. You can find it HERE for iPhones. It’s so fun because it tells you what “holidays” are each day of the year. As I type this, it shows today is Be Humble Day, Walk a Dog Day, and Chili day.

All that being said, tomorrow (February 27th) is Strawberry Day! I have had a soft spot in my heart for strawberries nearly my entire life… Strawberry Shortcake doll anyone? Strawberry scents take me back to being 4 and getting that heavenly scented doll and her little pink kitty.

Isn’t the Internet amazing?! I can’t believe I found her picture! Photo credit: Reddit

Then high school into college there were those tins of lip gloss that were strawberry (and other flavors). And it TASTED good. I mean it was probably really bad for me but …

These are the ones! Again, can’t believe I found them! Except there’s no picture of the fuchsia pink container with the strawberry balm… Photo cred:

So let celebrate strawberries together as adults!

First, we must celebrate with ACTUAL strawberries. It’s still dumping snow on us every other weekend here in Indiana, BUT a girl can dream!

Southern Strawberry Sweet Iced Tea - Super easy! Perfect refreshment for hot summer days. Better than store bought.

Doesn’t this look just like summer?! Southern Strawberry Sweet Iced Tea… mmmmmm…

What about these pretty ladies:

Strawberry Meringues. Click for recipe.

Strawberry Meringue Cookies… I can almost taste them now!

And one last food item:

French Strawberry Cake #cake #strawberry

I’m gluten free, but I think you could easily substitute a good GF flour for the regular…

Before I decide to run to the kitchen for more food that I don’t need (an hour before bedtime), let’s now switch to some cute items for your home… now THIS is what I’m talkin’ about!

Strawberry decor items don’t have to look like you’ve reverted back to your 6 year old self, it can be as simple as using some pinky-red items through your kitchen, or using actually strawberry patterns, but the “adult” kind.

Shop the Strawberries Doormat and more Anthropologie at Anthropologie today. Read customer reviews, discover product details and more.

Doesn’t this just say summer to you? A strawberry door mat!

Would love to open my cupboard and find it full of Vintage colorful glassware

Love vintage? These adorable patterns would brighten most kitchens, but I LOVE them up against the white!

Cute Strawberry Cupcake Coffee Mug - home gifts ideas decor special unique custom individual customized individualized

And last but not least, this precious strawberry cupcake coffee mug. Of course coffee mugs are near and dear to my heart, but this one makes your heart smile… don’t ya think?

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Have a great week, and a happy Strawberry Day!


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