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June Favorites- Mom Purchased & Approved!

HEREThis post contains affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission at no cost to you. You can see my full disclosure HERE. However, I have purchased ALL of these products and the opinions are my own!

Wow! We really blew through June! A few blinks and it was gone. Today though, I am going to share a few June favorites that I reached for time and time again. They are mom purchased and approved!

June Favorites

One thing I use almost daily is the Beauty by Earth lip scrub. I know I’ve talked about this in my favorites before (maybe my January favorites?). Now that I have used almost the entire jar (since maybe November or December?), I am getting to the bottom. I am also just tapping my finger in the pot and getting more oils than scrub (unless I NEED the scrub part) and am just using it as my before bed lip balm. And I LOVE it. It tastes great, smells great, it’s organic, and leaves my lips so soft. I bought mine through Grove Collaborative (which I love!). If you haven’t heard about Grove, or would just like to see why, as a regular, not-even-close-to-a-celebrity mom, I use Grove, check out my post HERE. And you can check out this yummy lip scrub HERE!

This next item, I bought over a year ago probably and I have only used for special occasions. Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream is a definite favorite. The smell is like frosting or something sweat that you could eat… but don’t eat it! I’ve never tried it but I still wouldn’t recommend, even though you may want to… lol It’s a very moisturizing lotion and it lasts a long time on your skin. I got this latest one from my FabFitFun box (Check out my unboxing video HERE) I will probably continue to use this for as long as I can afford to purchase it. You can check out FabFitFun info HERE or find it on Amazon HERE. If you order through my link, I will get a small compensation from it but it will not cost you any extra. So if you order, thank you!

Next on this list for me is this Tula Probiotic Skin Cleanser. I don’t know what makes this so special, but it really has helped my skin. I am oily/combination and am prone to acne (yep, even though I am in my 40’s…). But when I wash my skin (I usually just use this before bed), it feels so clean! I usually use a makeup wipe, then I wash with this. It is amazing how much more makeup comes off with this! Plus this does NOT dry out my skin but DOES dry out blemishes that I have. WHICH IS AWESOME. I don’t know how it distinguishes the difference but it’s great! Now with other types of skin, I am not sure how it would work. But for me, it is great! I got mine in my FabFitFun box but you can also get it from HERE.

The next thing on my June Favorites list is this white t-shirt. This t-shirt was actually a pack of 3, and it is by Calvin Klein. My issue is I wear a lot of white t-shirts and they quickly start to turn to an off white in the wash. I rarely stain my shirts but our water will start to dull a white shirt pretty quickly. So instead of paying anywhere from $10-15 for a nice white t-shirt, I thought I’d try getting a nicer quality PACK of t-shirts. I got these HERE, I payed $21.09 for the pack ($7.03 per shirt). I like them. They aren’t super thick but are a nice medium thickness.

Can you see how mine is wrinkled in the picture? From the suitcase BUT that’s because it’s also a soft but firmer fabric. I usually wear a small, but I actually got medium in these so I had some room in them. Usually I will roll up the sleeves and on one tee, I actually trimmed the hem on the neck and arms so it looked more worn. I like them a bunch and I wear them several times a week.

And last but certainly not least, are these Brooks running shoes. My husband has used and loved them for about 2 years now (he is a runner and goes through about 2-3 pairs of trainers a year). And I needed running shoes (or more like walking shoes), so he ordered me these Brooks. Mine are the turquoise ones in the picture above, and my son (who also runs) has sense got a pair as well. I have used these a lot, especially since it has FINALLY gotten warmer out. But I have to say, during our family vacation last week, I got my money out of them! We hikes miles and miles.

I also took the soles out of them and used them for water shoes when we went tubing on the river and white water rafting. I am not recommending this for the sake of someone coming back and saying their shoes were ruined, BUT the 3 pairs we have in our house? It worked great! It took a day to dry over a baseboard heater, but I put the sole back in and it was as good as new! And they protected by feet from the rocks in the water that would have otherwise hurt my feet! All of the walking we did, my feet didn’t hurt at all. They were actually very comfortable. And we literally hiked over 40,000 steps. I don’t get any commission from Brooks, I just like the shoes. Ones similar to mine are HERE.

Thanks for Checking out My June Favorites

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Like I have always said, my favorites are truly my favorites for the past month (if not longer). And I have purchased ALL of these items. There are no discounts. I do however get a very small commission on some of them if you buy through my link. So if you decide to buy an item, thank you!

What items are you LOVING this month? Anything you can’t live without? Let me know!

Have an amazing week, and we will see you again on Wednesday!

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