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January Favorites- Mom Life Product Reviews-LOVE!

I’ve chosen a few great products that any mom would love to have in her life. Check out these products I used and reviewed and why I love them!

In January I picked up blogging again after letting it fall to the wayside. I was working a part time job that seemed to take up a lot of my time (I admire mothers who work any sort of job outside the home, then come home and take care of the family and the house!), but in July of last year I quit that job to work from home and creating my own business (see My Shop HERE).

That all being said, I USED to do favorites. I love seeing what other people love and why. Because I think that helps the rest of us make informed choices. And as a mama, I don’t have a lot of money to waste on an attractive advertisement that doesn’t deliver! AMEN?!

So, today I am sharing the things that, in January, were mostly new things that I could not live without in January. Join me as I go through them!

***None of these products are sponsored!

Hair Mask

I’m starting out with the thing that was first on my list when I started writing everything down. Hands down the best hair product for my dry/ oily hair.

First of all, I color my hair about every 4-6 weeks. I do it like a Salon would do, but I do it myself, at home. I also have oily hair, it’s not as bad as it used to be thanks to training my hair (skipping a wash every other day). But the ends….. oh. my. GOODNESSSSSSSS. You know STRAW? That stuff that farm animals lay on? That is my hair. The ends have been that way for YEARS.

But now with this hair mask that I use every time I wash my hair (every other day), the middle to the ends of my hair have improved sooooooooo much! I still add an oil to my hair before I style it but I will continue to use this as long as my husband allows me to buy it… lol. There is a scent to it that is very clean but not overly strong, and I don’t notice it after my hair dries.

You can find this product on their site HERE. *I did however get this with my FabFitFun box in December. (Through the FFF link, you can get $10 off your first FabFitFun box)

Face Mask


This was another game changer this winter. My face is typically oily to combination. Though through the winter, I tend to get dry patches in there as well… This Ahava Hydration Cream Mask can be used, like it says, as a mask. The packaging suggests putting it on your face and wash off after 3-5 minutes OR to leave on all night.

The first time I did that though, after about 2 minutes I felt my skin and the entire mask was soaked in! So I added more then just left it on all night! I was surprised that my skin was so dry! This will ball up after it starts to dry IF you put it too thick on your skin though. So I would suggest putting a thin layer on and see how your skins does- will it sink in? or will you need to wash it off?

This has added hydration, but not oil to my face which is a great thing!I also love the ingredient list on this! I will be repurchasing this in the future THOUGH this says it’s limited edition online!

You can find this product HERE. *I got this with my FabFitFun box in December as well.

Lip Scrub

During the winter, my lips chap SO BAD (Why do I hear Napoleon Dynamite?). I love to wear lipstick but typically in the winter, lipstick only amplifies the look of the dry, chapped lips. I wear all kinds of really great chapstick, but it doesn’t stop them from looking horrible.

I ordered this Vanilla Lip Scrub by Beauty by Earth on Grove Collaborative (I’ve talked about Grove HERE). It was one of those purchases that was a gamble. I’ve never purchased a lip scrub before. Like ever. But this appealed to me because it was organic, and that you could literally eat the container of product and it wouldn’t hurt you (Sugar, Vanilla, and different kinds of oils are the main ingredients).

LOVE THIS STUFF. It’s amazing how this scrub sloughs off all of the dead skin, and leaves your lips soft and beautiful! This is very hydrating, but I often add MORE chap stick shortly after using the scrub, because like I said, my lips are HORRIBLE! And I do have to do this daily. Sometimes twice a day. But it helps so much with the drying and cracking that typically happens during the winter season.

You can get this lip scrub HERE from Grove Collaborative (my link takes you to a part of the site where you can get 5 free products on your first order! PS_ you aren’t tied into any more orders after that! Unless of course you love it as much as I do!).

Eye Makeup Palette

For Christmas, I got 2 Ulta Gift Cards, and I knew exactly what I wanted to get. THIS PALETTE was one of those things. I had seen it before, but I love the natural/ neutral colors. I have several other palettes so I didn’t exactly NEED it, but I did want something that I can easily travel with, and that I could create an entire eye look from- natural to more dressed up. And this has not disappointed! There are mattes and shimmers in this, and I love the combo! There is even a dark brown with some glitter in it that I like to use when we go out. The colors are great. The smell is LOVELY. And I love the size. Twice this month I will be traveling and this is the perfect palette to take with me.

You can find this palette at Ulta HERE.


Is it weird that I love one of my own products so much? I hand-drew everything on these journals. The cover, even the lines on the inside! I have the months, and a few other 100 page journals. When I put these together, along with Amazon (Kindle Direct Publishing), I honestly wasn’t sure how they would turn out because I never knew anyone who had published through them before. But I am honestly blown away by the quality of them!

The pages are nice and sturdy, like the pages of any book you’d pick up to read, and the cover print quality is more than I could have asked for! I keep these around for the millions of lists I make, they are great for grocery lists, chore lists, to do lists, projects, and I even use one for my blog posts. I have an obsession for journals and planners, and I will definitely be creating more and more… These are even Amazon Prime! Woot woot!!

If you’d like to check them out, you can see them in my store HERE ON MY BLOG or you can go directly to Amazon HERE.

My Brain

Yes, for many mom’s, they have an external brain of some sort, or we are just lost, right? For me, it is a combination of the calendar on my phone which helps with the dates and times, but THIS PLANNER has helped me keep track of meals, to-do lists, and more! I’m always on the search for the perfect planner. My sister came across this a year or two ago, and told me about it. There are so many great planning spaces within it to use. The only thing is that it is larger sized. There is a smaller version, but I work with it because I LOVE IT.

You can find this planner on Amazon HERE.

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Hope You Enjoyed My January Favorites!

As I said before, these are my tried and true favorites that I reached for time after time last month. I purchased all of these items and will continue to purchase them unless something more amazing comes along. Hopefully you found this informative and useful! If you have any questions on any of these things, let me know, and I can try to answer them for you!

I have more great content coming out this week, so be sure to subscribe to our emails! That way you can get notified as soon as a new post comes out. Thanks so much for stopping by and I will HOPEFULLY see you again really soon!

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