Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Instagram Roundup- My Favorite Instagram Accounts!

One place I love to spend time, when I get to decompress from the day, is Instagram. I love looking at people’s posts and pictures of their life/ jobs/ hobbies. Today I am going to share some of MY favorites….

When it comes to Instagram and who I follow, I am all over the place. In the end, creativity is key. Each person I “follow” is creative in some manner or form.

If you want to check out ALL of who I follow, you can check out my This Nest Living account HERE, or my business account This Nest Illustrations HERE. Make sure, while you are there, that you follow me! I try to post daily, or at least several times a week.

Without further ado, here are a few of the top people I follow:

Farmhouse Living

Joanna Gaines – OF COURSE. She seriously is living the life I’d love to live- Antiques, design, farmhouse, storefront, etc. She is creativity in a bottle. Call me Jojo, I’d love to work for you. 🙂

Liz Marie Galvan – This gal is living the dream almost right around the corner from me, and though we’ve never met, I think we could be besties. Antiques, decor, country living, farm… AND the best part of all, is her new baby boy, Copeland.

Farmhouse on Boone – Lisa is a sweet mama of 5, who just moved to the country in a cute victorian that they are refinishing. She is also very creative, and very inspiring. I recently also too her online course to help make my blog better… more info on that to come.


Ray Dombroski – This dude is cool. I love his shirt designs and he is an inspiration to designers, with a beach/ surfer vibe.

Stefan Kunz – Another very inspiring design artist. I just love seeing how creative he gets!

Generally Enjoy

Sharon Santoni – She’s living a beautiful life in France. Her pictures make you long to move to France and live in the country…

This Crazy Life Vlog – Amanda and I could be friends. She has boys, she’s obsessed (maybe obsessed is too strong…) with keeping a clean home, and she loves decorating.

I Am Second – Need to be inspired to live beyond yourself? Beyond FOR yourself? Check them out.

Our Tribe of Many – Sara and I (Sarah) could also be friends. Even though she’s a mom to many more children, I find great inspiration from her.

Audrey Coyne – Audrey is a soft spoken clothing inspiration. Our clothing likes are similar, and I now want to live in South Carolina also. She creates beautiful pictures and inspiring thoughts on clothing.

A Few more just because:

Chip Gaines, Tim Tebow, Franklin Graham, Kelly Harp, IndigoKJ, Hilary Walker

I’ve got to stop now.

If you look up any of those, you will see how eclectic my taste is. I’m seriously all over the board but at least on the same SIDE of the board- the creative side.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some new accounts, and hope you found some new people to follow! It’s always fun to get a sneak peak into people’s lives/ jobs.

Sarah @ This Nest
<p>Wife, mom to 4 sons... This is my life with boys! Working on being a better person, healthy, happy, and helpful. Join me as I strive to be the best person I can be!</p> <p>Loves- My family, cooking, farmhouse, being creative, healthy home, healthy living, clean living, being a scrunchy mom, business owner, stay at home mom, entrepreneur, cleaning, organizing, minimalism</p>

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