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Inspirational “Famous” People I’d Love to Talk To

Celebrities and what they do with their lives isn’t something that I really care to keep track of. Yeah, there are some cool people, or good actors, but what they do with their lives doesn’t really interest me a whole lot. But there are a few inspirational people I would absolutely love to sit down and talk with.

In fact, if you are any of these people, you are invited to my home anytime. I will fix some good food, and I want to hear your heart, how you view the world, your goals for the rest of your life, and how we can learn from you to make the world a little better.

All of these people are also alive. I also have a list of people who are dead that I would have loved to talk to. We will leave that list for another day…

Here are top 5 people I’d love to talk to:

Joanna Gaines

This sweet mom of 5, this wife, designer, creative, entrepreneur… she is an inspiration to me personally because I’d love to do what she does. She uses her creative eye to make beautiful things. Her homes, magazine, decor, books, store, etc…. And she’s not only extremely creative and talented, but she is an amazing individual as well. Her and her husband, Chip (who I’d also love to meet) are sweet, giving people. They also have the same faith as I do, and have publicly given thanks for blessings in their lives.

I would definitely consider moving to Texas to work with and learn from Joanna… her talent and creativity amazes me. Yes, I know she has a talented team of individuals that work for her, but this goes to show how smart and business savvy she is. When you have built a great team, you can become even better together!

As a person starting my own business, I’d love to glean from her wisdom and to see what she would suggest for me and my business, and the direction I should take. Solely because she’s been there and done that!

So Jojo, if you’d like to travel to Indiana for a coffee, or of course I’d come to beautiful Texas, and you don’t mind letting me soak up your wisdom for several hours (or even a full day) I think we’d be great friends. 🙂

Tim Tebow

Has anyone seen this guy? As a 31 year old, he’s accomplished so much good in his life. And it just continues to gain momentum.

His story is beyond amazing. As I was making sure I had the things I had heard about Tim were accurate, the things I heard were not only confirmed but I was amazed! Tim’s parents were missionaries in the Philippines when Tim’s mother contracted amoebic dysentery and fell into a coma. When she was recovering from this, she discovered she was pregnant with Tim. But because of medications that Tim’s mother had been taking to get better, it actually caused placental abruption. Doctors encouraged the parents to get an abortion, fearing the child would be born a stillbirth. But Tim’s parents obviously decided against it. And boy are we glad they did.

Tim is not only Mr Football and Baseball, but he is all about sharing his faith with the world. He boldly prays and stands up for what he believes. He has also started amazing things like the Tebow Foundation, where he has done a lot of work in underprivileged countries (as well as the US), to help kids. One of the projects I admire is Night to Shine, where kids with special needs are made to feel like they are beyond special by giving them a prom, where they get to dress and and have a party.

I’d love to sit down and talk to Tim about his vision and hear his heart for this world. Also, Tim, if you read this, congratulations on your engagement. 🙂

Benjamin Netanyahu

Most of you probably know Benjamin Netanyahu is the current Prime Minister of Israel. I know a little about him, but not much. I know he is a leader of the beautiful country of Israel. I know he and his country has had many countries turn their backs on them in the last several decades. Some because they are scared to support them, some because they hate them. I’d love to sit down with “Bibi” and know his country through his eyes. I’d love to find out how he feels about the rest of the world. I’d love to visit with him and his wife, they seem like lovely people. It’d love to see their great military. I think he’d be a very interesting person to sit down and to get to know.

Laura Bush

Mrs. Laura Bush is the wife of George W. Bush, president of the United States. She always seemed like a lovely, quiet, smart woman. I’d love to sit down with her, maybe over some sweet tea or coffee and discuss raising kids, talk what we can do in this country to raise stronger, more intelligent kids, talk about being a strong, quiet, supportive wife. There is much to be admired about a woman like her. She’s the kid of lady you just want to sit and soak in all of her wisdom!

Kay Arthur

If I could just sit and glean this woman’s wisdom. Kay Arthur is an international bible teacher and author. Her and her late husband began Precept Ministries back in 1970. And she runs it today with her son. Kay is an amazing teacher and produces some of the best bible studies I’ve ever done in my life. She really helps you dig in and learn exactly what the Bible says, not by someone’s commentary but by looking at the root meaning and original translations of the words.

My mother-in-law had accompanied her and a large group of women to Israel several years go, and I can only imagine how wonderful it was to listen to her teaching in such a beautiful and meaningful place.

I’d love to talk to Kay about life, about God, and what she would do differently if she had a chance to do things all over again.

In closing

Famous people to me aren’t that impressive. And by that, I mean they can live their lives and do their thing but it doesn’t really affect how I live my life. But there are a few people (including people who I know personally) who live inspiring lives, they love, they do good, they have achieved much that is of value.

Who would you want to sit down and talk to? What would you talk to them about?

Thanks for stopping by today, and if you haven’t already, make sure you follow this blog! I post each Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. See you Wednesday!

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