Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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I Love Old Stuff

Boy, it’s been a busy week, and am so glad to have a few minutes to sit down and write.

As I was sitting in the school pick up line today (Thursday, when I wrote this), I noticed that today (Friday, March 2nd) is “Old Stuff Day”.

At first, I skipped over it because I noticed that Saturday was “If Pets had Thumbs Day” (really? there’s a day for this?!). But then I noticed it again, “Old Stuff Day”. And I thought, “I love old stuff!”


I do. On the surface I can think across my house and find all of the lovely and treasured antiques that I have- some bought, some found, some gifts, and a bunch that my dad has given me over the years (he knows my heart :))  It’s not a hoarding problem (or at least that’s what I tell myself). But deeper yet- I just love old things. I love their story.  I love to think back to the day that they were actually used. That they were loved. The day that someone spent their hard earned dollar on it.

I also love this “old stuff” because they were made back in a time when people took pride in their craft, and things were well-made.

I also love the old things that went through times of war when things had to be repurposed and reinvented to make it work for something else.  Ah, the history!

My boys even have the history bug… All of them love history. They also have taken up the hobby of metal detecting. They find all kinds of old treasures. And coins. They find them metal detecting and they search through coins from the bank, in my wallet, and even in their grandparents’ coin jar.

The story is the best. I have all kind of old kitchen tools and I imagine the day they were in use. What the mom or grandma made.  Maybe a pie? Maybe stew?


We were given a book back when we were just married a few years by my husband’s grandma. It was a grammar book she actually used in school. What a treasure!  All those days walking to school carrying her little books. Her tiny little fingers running under each word as she read it aloud.

This Nest- Coffee Bar

I have an old chicken nesting box that I use to decorate above my coffee bar.  I imagine how many eggs were gathered by the children for breakfast, or to make egg noodles.

I collect “old stuff” that I can connect to or relate to on some level. So as silly as it is naming a day after it, I can appreciate it. And I was glad to have noticed it so I can remember all of the reasons I love these things I collect.

Some old sifters in my collection

So Happy Old Stuff Day to you!

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