Monday, November 18, 2019
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I Cut My Own Hair!! To Save Money?

You may not believe it but I cut my own hair yesterday to save money… Who does that? Well, I do! Check out the reason and what else I do to save money on my hair…

This is definitely not click bait, I really did it. I cut my own hair to save money. And no, I am not a beautician, nor was I ever trained to be! Keep reading to see the dets, and some pictures!!

So, I cut about 2 inches off, all by myself. No help. Do I recommend this to you? NO!! If you told me you were thinking about cutting your own hair, I’d probably try and talk you out of it.

But I do my hair because I feel like I learned through life application…lol When I was really young, my mom used to cut our hair. Of course I hated it. Because my mom (love you mom!) would insist that my bangs had to be ABOVE my eyebrows…

Dang, them bangs… them glasses… THEM SLEEVES!! 6th grade Sarah style is coming BACK! lol

Anyways, look how short!! Ugh. So when I was old enough, I started to take over cutting my OWN hair. And no, I never had a haircut go wrong… that’s probably why I still do it!

I actually now cut my kids’ hair as well, but I think they look pretty good, and it’s much harder than cutting a straight line across the length of the hair, it’s a style!

So, now that you can clearly see that I am qualified 😉 Onto my haircut!

Cutting My Own Hair

I got back and forth between longer hair and shoulder length. I have for years. The longest my hair ever was, was probably butt length but short enough that I didn’t sit on it. The shortest has been shoulder length.

So these are the before. My hair is getting pretty damaged from sun, styling, and probably also from coloring ( we will talk about that in a minute). So I decided to chop it off!

So there it is! I didn’t mess it up! I cut off about 2 inches (maybe a little more toward the front, where I kept it a little longer). And it feels SO much healthier!

You might already know this as well, but I also color my own hair! My sister is actually a beautician, and just watching her do my hair through the years, I caught on quickly. Then she was on bedrest with her last pregnancy and couldn’t do my hair, and that’s when I started doing my own! Is it perfect, probably not, but I use professional color and it’s pretty easy to do (not like the box mixes, but still pretty easy).

In Closing

Now, don’t go running out and buying supplies from Sally Beauty or where ever and start chopping hair off and coloring it… Please don’t do that, and if you do, don’t come back and blame me if it all goes wrong. BUT if you DO do it, let me know…. lol

With part of cutting and coloring, also comes taking care of your hair with good shampoos, conditioners, oils, etc. So make sure IF you try ANYTHING like this, that you are taking care of your hair, and maybe get some tips from an actual stylist. Not from some random, but completely reliable gal on the internet… 😉

I am so glad you stopped by today! And if you liked this type of post, let me know with a LIKE!

And we will see you again on Friday!


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