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My Life with Boys Shopping Tips & Tricks

How We Feed Our Family of 6 for less than $20 a day

$20 might feed one person in a decent restaurant. So, How do we feed 2 adults and 4 boys (18-10 years old) for that cheap? Stick around and see how we feed our family of 6 for less than $20 a day!

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So where does that $20 a day get us?

That $20 gets us all 3 meals each day for 6, plus snacks. PLUS entertaining friends/family a couple times a month!

Yep, each person eats at home for breakfast. Each person packs their lunches with the occasional child eating a school lunch (which is figured in this), This is snacks when kids come home. This is dinner, And it is more snacking in the evening… you know, teenage boys.

Where do I shop?

I have shared on here before, but I LOVE Aldi. I shop there once a month, and I stock up for the month. My cart is usually stacked like a Tetris game. And when the cashier goes to put them back into the cart, they usually give me 2 carts back… lol

But even with a heaping cart, lasting us a month, I spend around $200-250. Which is AMAZING. I am not sponsored by Aldi, but I would love to be (Call me, Aldi!) 😉

My Aldi has a wonderful selection of Organic items and a lot of gluten free items to choose from… which I LOVE, because their prices are amazing!

I also shop at Meijer. Meijer is a high-end Walmart in my town… lol They have an amazing selection of gluten free, organic, and more. I get a lot of the things we go through frequently here. Like our more perishable items, hygiene items, and a bunch of my gluten free and organic items, that Aldi doesn’t carry.

Meijer has an MPerks program, which I do from my phone, that I can clip coupons and save periodically on my overall spending. It’s amazing, and it saves us lots of money. To date, with the MPerks program and shopping sales, I have saved over $450. this year at Meijer!

I spend somewhere between $150-200 every 2 weeks at Meijer.

And I’ve mentioned this before, but I will keep sharing it because it is AWESOME, is Ibotta. Also NOT sponsored by Ibotta, but if you use my link HERE, you and I can earn more cash back. WOOT WOOT!!! I’m honestly not sure HOW much but I know it’s something more than I had before!

Since December of last year, I have earned over $57 (that’s not counting the shopping trip from yesterday and today-so there will be MORE!). Sometimes I earn a meager $.25 sometimes I earn several dollars, either way it is free money! These I can then turn into PayPal or gift cards to a number of great places like Amazon, Best Buy, Ebay, Hollister, iTunes, Kohl’s Starbucks, and more!

What do our meals look like?

Yeah, yeah, so I feed my family of 6 for less than $20 a day, but what do we EAT? Well, depending on the season of course, we feed 6 people on a regular basis- so tacos, a grilled or baked meat (such as salmon, tilapia, chicken, roasts, etc) usually with baked veggies also, a casserole (including a meat and veggie together), pizza, pasta, sloppy joes…

Snacks are anywhere from fruits and veggies to crackers, cheese sticks, granola bars, etc. It’s now getting warm out so I just bought a big tub of ice cream and popsicles.

I buy extra

I only spend extra on things if there is a sale or a great price. And when I do this, I save money. If I buy 2 mayo when I only need one but I saved $.50 on each, in the end I save a dollar. It’s not a lot, but it adds up!


Yep, I make LOTS of lists, but especially for my groceries. I put them in order of the store layout, I check online for sales than add those items to my list, and I add the things that we need for that next two weeks…

Lists will HELP keep you from overspending!

ways I save money throughout the year

In Closing

On these amounts, I feed our family of 6 for less than $20 a day. We also often have small group and friends over. So we feed a lot of mouths for not much!

I try to stick pretty close to my list, and I make sure each week I check sales.

All of these things are what keeps us at such a low cost of feeding all of these teen boys!

I hope you were able to use some of this info today to save YOUR family some money.

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Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you so very much! Have an amazing rest of your week!


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